Your Partner No Longer Loves You-10 Signs Indicating That!!

Your Partner No Longer Loves You-10 Signs Indicating That!!

The noun LOVE has a great message for the whole word. But sometimes it can be destructive. The case when love is destructive is when it is unrequited.

After some period of time in our relationship we can feel that our partner in not acting as usual. It feels like he doesn’t love us anymore. If he often changes his mood we cannot make decisions immediately, but if this mood lasts more than a week or two, we suppose to ask ourselves: does he really love me?

In addition to this text we are going to present you a couple of signs that may show you that your partner has fallen out of love with you.

1.Lack of indication of love

If he has stopped showing you his love. If he has lost interest in you. If he doesn’t say that he loves you, he isn’t asking about your day, he didn’t notice your new hair, or your new dress. All of these indicate that he doesn’t love you anymore.

2. Absent

If he is preoccupied when you are speaking, when you are giving suggestions, and he is looking like he doesn’t care, it is time for you to think again whether your relationship is healthy as it was on the beginning. When you are the one who is taking care of everything and think about all the things like anniversary, birthday and so on, and give your best to make it all right, but he doesn’t care, then he has definitely lost interest in you. Because when someone loves you he will do everything for you, and he will always have time to listen to you.

3. Run out of things to talk about

During the beginning of a relationship we all have a theme to talk about. Introducing each other, speaking about our knowledge in different spheres, what we love and what we don’t love. But when you are together long period of time and you have passed all of these things, you will get bored sometimes. Unless this period is short, like day or two, and you run out of themes to talk about, because nothing interesting has happened to you, it may be concerning. He may doesn’t want to talk to you anymore. This may be the end of your relationship.

4. Guilt

Guilt is a feeling that we all have sometimes. But, if these days, two of you argue for every little thing, and for each of them he makes you guilty, it is time for you to leave him.

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5. He is not your back up anymore

The special place that you had in his heart now is gone, and he is not your back up anymore. He used to support you in everything, and now he is just blaming you for everything.

6. Presence 0%

He used to make excuses at work just to come home and be with you. Now he is just inventing excuses to leave the house and not to be with you. He may be seeing with someone else, and you should check that.

7. You are not present in their plan

You supposed go on a dinner tomorrow night, but he is speaking with his friends and making plans for the same night? You are not in his plans for near or far future? He is planning vacation without you? You suppose to think about his behavior and why is he making that kind of plan.

8. Disrespect

When you turn back time, his behavior was so different. He called you honey, sweetheart, baby, love. Now, he doesn’t even call your name. When you are looking at your relationship from your point of view look how You see it, how You feel. Are You happy? Do you think that he loves you? Do you think that he respects you? Respect is the key term in every relationship, just bear that on mind.

9. Without clarification

When he makes a decision without asking you. Taking in consideration the fact that he knows you are not supporting him, but doesn’t bother with that, you suppose to leave him, immediately. You are living as a couple, as a family, we should all respect each other, especially our opinions.

10. Humiliating yourself

When someone treats you like you are a piece of paper, doesn’t appreciate you, offends you, and you have weak character, you will start to think that you are not worthy. Stop thinking like that! You are worthy! You should be appreciated! You deserve to be LOVED! Leave the one who doesn’t treat you nice and find yourself the one who will treat you like that!

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