4 Dirtiest Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room

4 Dirtiest Things You Should Never Touch In A Hotel Room

It’s the dirtiest thing in the hotel room, here’s how to protect yourself from it

HOTEL secrets have revealed that there are some items in a hotel room that are never cleaned. You might want to think twice before you use this one item on your next holiday

At first glance, hotel rooms may look clean. But many items in them are full of germs and bacteria.

This is true of remote controls, light switches and especially chairs. Are you used to sitting on chairs in hotel rooms?

Other objects are not always well cleaned in hotels

A hotel room is essentially a room that has temporarily housed hundreds or thousands of people for a period of time. After a long trip, one of the first things everyone surely does is relax by sitting on one of the comfortable, cushioned chairs in the room, perhaps watching TV or turning on their laptop. Only, this is a bad habit if you don’t take your precautions.

1. Chairs

Usually, chairs are made of fabric and the upholstery is difficult to clean.

Besides, in hotel rooms, chairs are used to put dirty clothes, shoes and towels, for example. Guests may even find bed bugs or bacteria on them.

Usually, upholstered chairs are difficult to clean and disinfect properly, unlike towels and sheets that are washed at high temperatures, they contain several potentially pathogenic germs.

Beyond the difficulty of deep cleaning, the lack of time for cleaning staff means that when rearranging the room, chairs are almost always neglected. Stains may be cleaned to the point of disappearance, but germs, difficult to see with the naked eye, remain intact.

To avoid problems, it is recommended that a towel be placed on the chair to prevent direct contact.

2. Carpets are also cleaned less often.

Never go barefoot, even if there are rugs or carpets.

3. Lamps, remote controls and switches 

Lamps, remote controls and switches are prone to bacteria because they are touched by customers without being systematically cleaned. Our advice: Wipe them down with a disinfectant wipe or bring a ziplock bag and put it in when you use it.

4. Most hotels also offer glasses to their guests.

But if the glasses are from the bathroom, it is recommended that you wipe them down before the guest uses them because flushing can contaminate nearby surfaces with bacteria. When you flush the toilet, bacteria can spread to the walls of the toilet, the flush button, the bathroom walls or even the glasses.

Attention should also be paid to the cleanliness of other plastic items often touched by customers. These include the electric kettle, hair dryer, light switches and garden or balcony furniture. It is recommended to disinfect your hands after using them.


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