Your Little Finger Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality

Your Little Finger Can Tell a Lot About Your Personality

It’s little bit strange, but your little finger can tell a lot about you. With measuring your little finger you can find out more about your personality, what are your habits, your relationship …

There are 3 basic personality types that your little finger can indicate. Just look at your finger and see how long or short it is in relation to your ring finger’s top joint.

Take this personality test; you might be surprised at its accuracy.

Type A: Even Placement

If the top of your pinkie finger stops right at the beginning line of the top joint of your ring finger, you are type A.

People who belong to this group are very reserved and introverted. They don't like to open up to other people easily and don't want to be dependent on someone. These types of people have a brilliant personality, always there for their loved ones, and expect the same in return. Despite being nice and warm to friends and family, they appear very cold to strangers.

Type B: Long

If your little finger extends beyond the top joint line of your ring finger, you are type B.

People who belong to this group are very loyal and highly sensitive. When they fall in love, their partner becomes their whole world. These types of people are very devoted and dedicate themselves completely to whatever they set their mind to. That's why they are very successful in their job, education, family, or friendships. Overall, they have a calm, non-confrontational nature and remain composed under pressure.

Type C: Short

If the top of your little finger doesn't reach the line of your top ring finger joint, you’re type C.

People who belong to this group are optimistic, cheerful, and lively. They forgive and forget easily because they can't hold onto anger. These types of people are very energetic, and sometimes their excess energy may cause them to be self-centered. Despite presenting a bubbly exterior to the world, they keep their true emotions closely held.

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