Women, If You Want to Enjoy Your Marriage, Never Marry a Man with These 9 Qualities

Women, If You Want to Enjoy Your Marriage, Never Marry a Man with These 9 Qualities

Dear Lady, in order to prevent a person with the following 9 characteristics from marrying you, avoid marrying a man to get married:

1. Do not marry a man who has Trust issues.

Fearing losing someone you love dearly, but when your partner has trust issues despite never making you feel insecure speaks volumes about your level of possessiveness.

2. He doesn’t respect you or your personal boundaries.

Boundaries are extremely crucial in any relationship, but especially in a marriage. You should be able to create good boundaries early on in a relationship, as it is easy for them to become blurred over time. This will not change simply because you put a ring on your finger. If your spouse does not respect the boundaries set before you get married – that you or both of you have agreed upon – then you should not get married.

3. Do not marry a man who does not have any plans for the future.

What motivates a human being is his ambition. It is a burning desire to succeed, to be better than you were before, and to never return to that terrible situation. If the man you want to marry has no ambition at all, it would encourage you to think again about getting married.

4. Don’t marry a man who is a sloth.

Even if laziness was recognized as a distinct concept, it was never considered as pleasant. If the person you want to marry is a slacker, you should rethink your decision. Don’t marry a man who spends all day inside the house, doing nothing productive for himself. Don’t marry a man who likes to gamble all his money or watch a soccer game all day long. I hope you pay attention.

5. He doesn’t pay attention.

It is critical to marry a man who respects your point of view and allows you to express your feelings, concerns, triumphs, and interests without being censored.

Not having the attention of the one you love is really sad, especially when you decide to be a life partner. If he can’t give you his undivided attention, does he really deserve to be with you forever?

6. Don’t marry someone who is a habitual player.

Don’t marry someone who has a gambling problem. I oppose gambling, not because of the game itself, but because it limits many of the possibilities the world has to offer. If you marry a gambler, it is possible that he may gamble away the money you have saved for the things that are important to you. Maybe he hangs around your house, gambling. Prevention, as they say, is much less difficult than treatment. Don’t marry someone who is a gambler.

7. Don’t marry someone who is thoughtless, inconsiderate, and lazy to understand the nuances of a situation.

Don’t marry a guy who can’t take care of a child properly. Don’t marry a man who, when he speaks, expresses a lack of concern for your feelings. The last man you should marry is one who has no idea what to do when faced with a crisis. These types of individuals are shortsighted and will not be helpful to you. Make sure that you marry someone who is more concerned about you than himself, that you marry someone who is extremely tactful when it comes to solving problems, that you marry someone who understands what affects you and makes sure that they don’t affect you.

8. Don’t marry someone who is controlling

Eat this, wear that, walk like this, where are you? You have the picture. These kinds of questions seem nice at first as you interpret them as being affectionate, however, in the long run you will find them suffocating. If he tries to control you, are you sure you want to hold on to a man like that?

9. Don’t marry someone who is abusive

Why on earth would you want to be with an abusive man? Never be with a man who has no control over his anger and frustration. It’s okay if your man gets angry once in a while, however, if you have noticed that your man gets angry over the silliest things and vents in an abusive way, you know you should leave. Eventually, you too will be emotionally drained. If your man is now verbally abusive, it is likely that he is also physically abusive. So never consider marrying a man who has anger issues.


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