Woman adopts a boy no one wanted to adopt: see what he looks like now

Woman adopts a boy no one wanted to adopt: see what he looks like now

Particularly for those with disabilities who struggle to conform to societal expectations, this world has become a challenging place. These individuals yearn for acceptance and a sense of belonging, yet they often face cruel glances and hurtful remarks.

Rustam is a young boy born with birth defects that his parents sadly neglected to address. He was placed for adoption, but as we all know, not many families are prepared to open their hearts and homes to children like him.

Fortunately, Rustam's life took a positive turn when he was discovered by a compassionate woman named Nika Zlobina. While working on adoption paperwork, Nika came across Rustam's photo and biography. She made it her mission to find him a loving home, but she ended up finding that home within her own heart.

"I was preparing paperwork for an adoption and there was a database with photos of children, and I happened to see images of Rustam," Nika explained.

Taking her first step in advocating for this extraordinary boy, Nika created an Instagram account dedicated to showcasing children in need of families, including Rustam. She posted a video of Rustam dancing, which garnered significant attention. While many people expressed kindness and support for Rustam, there were also hurtful comments. "Some said this 'freak' won't ever be adopted. I was horrified by the number of negative comments, even from young mothers with children," Nika shared.

Nika's primary goal was to challenge the misconception that adopting a child with a disability is not a viable choice. She believed that by depicting Rustam's everyday activities, his infectious smiles, and the genuine joy he radiated when surrounded by caring individuals, people would come to recognize the importance of embracing and caring for children like him.

"Most people are seeking to adopt blond, beautiful babies, and there's a long waiting list for such children. Meanwhile, other children suffer without families," Nika emphasized.

Eventually, Nika and her husband made the heartfelt decision to adopt Rustam themselves. They were overjoyed to welcome this adorable child into their lives, as his happiness and positivity were truly contagious. Nika noted that this adoption also inspired others who were considering adopting a child with special needs.

"One woman wrote that she used to feel afraid to go out with her daughter who has Down's Syndrome, but my posts have given her courage. Now, she confidently takes walks with her daughter," Nika shared.

While there will always be judgmental comments and stares from strangers, Nika and her husband go to great lengths to shield their son from harm and spread the powerful message that being unique is not a negative attribute. In fact, it is the diversity among us that propels our world forward.

Today, Rustam is nine years old and is thriving, living his best life possible.

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