Why You Should Wear Silver Jewellery. The Unknown Benefits Of Silver

Why You Should Wear Silver Jewellery. The Unknown Benefits Of Silver

Silver is one of the most expensive precious metals.

With its antibacterial property, silver thread was once used by surgeons to close wounds.

According to the researchers at Manchester Metropolitan University in the UK, silver’s silver ions effectively kill 650 different kinds of harmful bacteria.

In order to avoid hospital infections, the metal is also employed to create medical equipment.

Silver bacteria can combat the viruses that cause the common cold, the flu, and intestinal diseases, according to a Belgian scientist. In order to block the action of the viruses, he added silver particles to the bacteria in probiotic yoghurt and sprayed them on his hands.

It’s not always an illness, but rather an effect of the silver oxidizing and the skin’s high pH level if the silver darkens a little and produces black spots on the skin.

What quota of silver does our body require?

Through their diets, our forebears obtained a certain quantity of silver. Unfortunately, over 85% of the silver deposits in the soil have been destroyed by modern agricultural techniques, meaning that this mineral is no longer present in the food we consume.

A number of studies by American experts showed that a lack of silver can result in lowered immunity and is a major contributor to the rise in malignant illnesses in recent years.

Fights colds and the flu

Silver’s strong antimicrobial properties assist to cure minor wounds and regenerate skin while also reducing the spread of viruses like the cold and flu. In addition, it controls body temperature and blood circulation, shields the skin from radiation from cell phones and other electronic gadgets, and emits no radiation itself.

Increases immune system vigor

During the winter months or when traveling, silver shields the body from germs. Silver jewelry won’t have the same impact on you if you are allergic to jewelry made of other metals. The silver ions in the metal have beneficial impacts on the body’s energy levels, and the metal possesses electromagnetic qualities.

A few of the minor conditions that may be helped with colloidal silver water include acne, allergies, bladder infections, otitis, digestive problems, prostate infections, and hair loss.

For chronic illnesses including hypertension, chronic hepatitis, sinusitis, gastritis, ulcers, psoriasis, and herpes, silver is the finest supplemental treatment. It is the most straightforward and efficient treatment for respiratory viruses and influenza, including swine flu.

It is also well known that those who wash their faces with silver water have clear skin.

When wounds are cleaned with silver water, they heal more quickly, don’t become infected, and the scars they leave behind are less noticeable. In order to preserve burnt areas as sterile as possible, silver water is also employed.

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