Why People Aren’t Using Top Sheets On Beds Anymore

Why People Aren’t Using Top Sheets On Beds Anymore

If I could have things my way, I would sleep with a mountain of quilts, duvets, and pillows. However, my husband isn’t someone who’s perpetually cold like I am, so our bed situation is pretty straightforward – fitted sheet, top sheet, one pillow each, and a thin quilt. If your bed setup is also along those lines, I guess we’re behind the curve. Surprisingly enough, people are ditching their top sheets altogether. Here’s why.

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The humble top sheet originally had a hygienic purpose. It served as a barrier between our bodies and heavier bed covers like duvets, quilts, and comforters. This meant that while the sheets and pillowcases required frequent laundering, the heavier, bulkier items did not. Suzanne Pollak, founder of the Charleston Academy of Domestic Pursuits, states, “A proper bed requires a bottom sheet, a top sheet, a blanket, and then another top sheet as a coverlet. That’s the traditional setup.”

So why is the once-essential top sheet losing its place? A few reasons have emerged. One of the primary ones is the ease of making the bed. Without the need to tuck in a flat sheet, you can simply throw a duvet or quilt over the fitted sheet, and voila! Also, the problem of the top sheet wrapping around one’s legs and disrupting sleep is a common complaint. It might sound trivial, but many people are actively deciding to do away with this bed linen.

source: Boll & Branch

The trend has some numbers backing it up too. Parachute, a linen company based in Los Angeles, has revealed that about 40% of their clientele show preference only for the fitted sheet, expressing no interest in its flat counterpart. Consequently, they’ve adjusted their offerings to cater to this demand.

In conclusion, whether to use a top sheet or not boils down to personal choice. However, it seems that a significant portion of the newer generation – millennials, I’m looking at you! – have made their decision clear: the top sheet might just be a relic of the past.

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