Why A Woman Acts Like She Doesn’t Care About You

Why A Woman Acts Like She Doesn’t Care About You
Why A Woman Acts Like She Doesn’t Care About You When She Actually Does
1. She is not bothered about it.

She looks as if she does not care if a guy she loves hangs out with other friends without thinking about her, but it hurts her deeply.

2. Unanswered texts.

If a guy doesn’t respond to her texts or pick up her calls, it can be devastating, but she may try to act like it doesn’t matter.

3. She wants his attention.

Spending hours in front of the mirror is not just about feeling good about herself; she also wants him to notice her and choose her. But when things don’t go as planned, it can be confusing, and she may continue to act like she doesn’t care.

4. She has been disappointed so many times in the past.

. She is the kind of woman who has so many high standards and expectations from the people she meets. She has dealt with disappointment so many times in the past. She expects so much from the people she lets into her life. However, that’s also the reason that she gets disappointed a lot.

5. She wants to see if you’re willing to put in the effort for her.

She is trying to test you. She has let so many people in her life before; people who actually weren’t worthy of being there. And she ended up regretting letting those people in. And she doesn’t want to make that same mistake with you. She wants to see if you’re really going to be worth it.

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