When Your Man Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You, Here’s What It Means

When Your Man Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You, Here’s What It Means

1. He might be emotionally disturbed.

Intimacy with a partner has to do with emotions and brain connectivity. If he doesn’t seem to be alright and fit with his psyche, there’s no how he will be able to concentrate and make l0ve to you.
For instance. If you mention L0vemaking while your man is in deep thought about some issues disturbing him, he might even get very annoyed with you and talk to you in a manner that will hurt you and put you to sleep or also make you cry. But once he gets over that, he will apologize to you immediately. So such situations can make a man not to sleep with you.

2. He might have medical issues that he is afraid of telling you.

He might have some medical issues that he doesn’t want to tell you, because he may be scared of losing you or scared of hurting your feelings. Such problems may be the reason behind his refusal of sleeping with you.

According to some medical reports, a man not capable of sexual activities for some time In his life, and that time may be the moment you came into his life. But because he is afraid of losing you, he might not tell you about that.

3. He is not attracted to you anymore.

This might be another great reason your man refuses to sleep with you anymore. Maybe he sees nothing that attracts him anymore, and that will make him lose interest in you.

Guys like it when their woman looks sexier and wanting at all times. It will get him in the mood at all times. But when you dress as an older woman or out of fashion, he won’t see any interest that can trigger his urges again on you.

4. He’s seeing another woman.

This is another reason why he doesn’t want to sleep with you. There is no how he can satisfy two women at a time, that feeling must be shared between the two, and your may be lacking due to he is into you since he will like to exercise his feelings to a new woman.

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