When You Two Sleep In The Same Bed But Nothing Happens, Here’s What It Means

When You Two Sleep In The Same Bed But Nothing Happens, Here’s What It Means

For most people, sleeping together on the same bed is an opportunity to unlock another level of their relationship. The chances of intimacy happening is high if the parties in question are of different sexes. Meanwhile, passing the night together does not always mean something will happen. So, how do you explain sleeping in the same bed without anything happening? Here’s what you should know

1) You’re just friends and that’s all you’ll ever be

Sleeping in the same bed without anything happening simply means one or both of you are not s3xually attracted to each other.

You may not need to be friends, but to the extent you do have a future potential to connect, it can mean you don’t have physical chemistry.

One or both of you simply aren’t feeling it at that time. So no matter how close you get, nothing really happens? This is a sign that shows your connection isn’t going to go beyond the intellectual or emotional stage.

2) You’re too shy to make a move (or they are)

If you find that you’re kind of holding your breath or desperately wishing they’d reach out and run a loving hand over you, they may be lying there wishing the exact same thing.

This may be the classic scene out of the movie where two friends or colleagues realize they like each other but are both scared to make a move.

3) You’re not at that level yet

It basically means you’re not at that level yet. It could be that one or both of you need a bit more time or comfort to get closer to each other and establish physical connection.

You may have a really close emotional connection or friend connection, but that won’t always translate over easily to s3x.

4) One of you isn’t into it

Whether that’s you or the other person, if one of you wants something to happen and the other doesn’t then it’s clearly disappointing. If it’s you who’s not into it, you’re going to feel awkward about turning away any advances of the other person.

If it’s the other person who’s not into more happening then you’re clearly going to feel kind of rejected and disappointed. When nothing happens and you sleep together it can feel like the relationship has now been fully defined as platonic.

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