When A Woman Doesn’t Love You Anymore, You Will Deeply Feel These things

When A Woman Doesn’t Love You Anymore, You Will Deeply Feel These things

1. She doesn’t care anymore

You might feel like she’s not interested in anything, but you should start realizing that perhaps she’s actually not interested in you anymore.

2. No effort to keep it working

She knows when the relationship is not working. You know it too. But there’s no effort coming from her side to protect the relationship. She doesn’t care if you fight or try to do anything to keep the relationship. It’s a two-way game and she isn’t participating anymore.

3. Communication is no longer there

Communication is what helps build a relationship from scratch and makes it work. But now, there is no meaningful communication between the both of you. It’s rare and superficial and you know the spark is no longer there.

4. She does what she wants and doesn’t care how you feel about it

You are no longer the special person who she talks to when something comes up in her mind. She takes her own decisions and doesn’t really wish to discuss it with you. It doesn’t matter if your feelings get hurt because of her actions. She’s doing whatever she believes is right for her, regardless of whether you like it or not.

5. You are the one who’s beginning the conversation

Now, it’s no longer the same. You are the one who’s starting each conversation. She doesn’t seem to be interested in participating in it.

6. She doesn’t do anything to make you feel special

In the past, she would do things for you just to make you feel special. The romance was burning and she would do so many romantic things that you’d go giddy in her presence. Everything seems a little off now. She doesn’t do anything that would make you feel like you really matter to her. It’s pretty clear that she’s not happy at all.

7. Physical intimacy is at an all-time low

Those loving hugs and kisses, those amazing midnight secrets in bed; all of them are gone now. There’s no more physical intimacy left between the two of you. It has started to vanish. Now be aware that your relationship is not in a great place at all.

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