When A Man No Longer Loves His Wife, It’s Easy To See These Signs

When A Man No Longer Loves His Wife, It’s Easy To See These Signs

Dear ladies, the more signs you see, the more likely it is that your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

1. He stops asking about your life.

In the past, you would spend at least some time talking about your days.

But those conversations have long since stopped. You tried to maintain them for a while, but your husband simply stopped talking about these things.

And now he has stopped showing an interest in your day, your work, your friends, your family, or anything about your life for that matter. You still try to ask him, but he never reciprocates.

2. He has withdrawn all affection.

Many couples hug at least once a day. And there are those who cuddle up together on the couch most evenings. Some couples will kiss upon waking in the morning or before they go to bed.

You see, there are plenty of ways to show your spouse affection, but your husband has stopped doing any of these things.

In addition, if you try to show him affection, he pulls away from you. Simply put, it has become a loveless marriage and a clear sign that your husband isn’t in love with you anymore.

3. He doesn’t instigate physical intimacy.

He seems to no longer be interested in having s^x with you anymore.

Your your s^x life has simply dried up, and when you do manage to get him between the sheets, it’s through your effort. Your husband does not initiate s^x the same way anymore.

There’s no real intimacy, no emotional connection. It’s just a case of getting the job done and going your separate ways again.

Simply put, there is no longer an emotional intimacy in your marriage.

4. He is never happy, no matter what you do.

No matter how hard you try to please him and meet his needs, there is always something for him to complain about.

You don’t receive a word of thanks for all that you do for him. You are well and truly taken for granted.

And yet he expects you to be grateful for even the smallest of things that he does, and he gets upset if you don’t recognize his effort.

5. He disrespects you in many little ways.

Perhaps he decides to go for work drinks one evening without consulting you or telling you when he’ll be home.

Maybe he lies to you on a regular basis, even about little things. Or does he spend your shared money behind your back?

There are so many ways he can disrespect you, but they all point to the fact that he doesn’t love you.

We hear it all the time and we all agree that respect is one of the keys to a happy marriage.

When respect is lost, it is a bad sign – that is when things will start to go downhill.

6. He flirts with other women.

He does this and he doesn’t try to hide this from you.

Whether it’s intentional or not, actions speak louder than words and his message is clear: he finds other women attractive, but not you.

You may even suspect him of being unfaithful to you, or have evidence that proves he has cheated.

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