This Woman Lived On The Street, But She Didn’t Ask For Money

This Woman Lived On The Street, But She Didn’t Ask For Money
A 80-year-old woman named Wanda Ritter has a sad but important story to tell.

The 80-year-old woman has been without a home for nearly 16 years. She tried to convince others that the government owed her a daily sum of $100,000. People considered her eccentric as she walked down the street with three suitcases brimming with documents and unpaid checks.

Ritter used to work as a locksmith and spent years demonstrating the shortcomings of the Social Security System on the streets of Washington.


"I thought if I did something crazy, people would think I was just getting rid of the baggage," she admitted.

When Turner reviewed Wanda's papers, everything seemed to be in order.

"She needed financial assistance, not mental health assistance," noted Julie Turner, a social worker, pointing out that Ritter was owed $100,000 by the government.

But how did the woman realize the issue?

Ritter, a mother of four, had been receiving checks ranging from $300 to $900 each month. She chose not to cash these checks, suspecting something was amiss, and returned them. Ritter contacted Social Security to inquire about the discrepancies, saying, "If I had cashed them and then claimed there was a mistake, who would have believed me?"

Ritter told local reporters that she isn't entirely sure yet, but she believes the matter will be resolved once she gains proper control over it.

With the help of social worker Julie Turner, Ritter secured a $500 apartment.

Just a week after the news made headlines, Ritter received her first $1,644 check from Social Security.


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