This office in japan is designed for employees to be able to nap

This office in japan is designed for employees to be able to nap

Sleepy at work? Just stand inside this windowless box and take a power nap.

A Japanese company has come up with a solution for those much-needed power naps at the office.

Employees no longer need to crawl under their desks or look for other places to rest. Even though the chair comes in pieces and needs some assembly, the effort is worth it for the refreshing experience it offers.

They've created an office chair that can recline all the way flat, allowing you to comfortably take a nap whenever you need it. It's as easy as pushing a button to go from sitting upright and working to lying down for a quick snooze!

This cleverly designed chair allows workers to take short breaks whenever they need, improving their productivity and well-being at work.

Watch the video:

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