This Is Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head

This Is Why You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head

Several studies clearly demonstrate that non native electromagnetic fields (EMF) emitted by cell phones or Wi-Fi affect a range of body systems and functions.

It has been found that radio frequency EMF induce changes in the central nervous system, cell death and create oxidative stress.

They haven’t been tested for safety, especially not when used right next to the head!

It’s not a good idea to charge or use your phone next to your head, especially when you sleep. Sleep is the time when your body should recover and rejuvenate. NnEMF inhibit that process.

Many people still neglect that EMF are harmful, but we just demonstrated how using a charger and cell phone next to your head negatively affect your body voltage ( which should be ideally at 0.0) and radio frequency readings on the multimeter.

Use an adapter connected with Ethernet, charge your phone with a power bank and use your phone on airplane mode. But ideally, you shouldn’t take your phone to the bedroom at all!

Thank you @gabrielbliss for explaining it so well!

Source: @millionaire.dream

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