The “Strange Brothers” became a worldwide sensation.

The “Strange Brothers” became a worldwide sensation.

A 31-year-old Nigerian woman gave birth in February without any anticipation of the challenges that lay ahead. She has finally become adept at distinguishing between her twin boys. Despite Daniel and David being only minutes apart at birth, it's impossible to mistake them for twins.

Stacy and Babaji Le, both black and residing in Lagos, have two children, both of whom have albinism. The adorable twins attract a lot of attention due to their striking differences. The fair-skinned and golden-haired David stands in stark contrast to the dark-skinned and black-haired Daniel, who closely resembles his 5-year-old sister Demilade.

Stacy's decision to document the unique antics of the twins on Instagram paid off within a year, garnering nearly 18,000 followers.

The unexpected arrival of the twins on February 26, 2017, caught everyone by surprise. "As we didn’t know about their differences while I was pregnant and the scan didn’t show such, it was a big shock and the most wonderful moment when the first twin (Daniel) came out with black hair and the second twin (David) came out with gold hair. Medical professionals told me, 'It seems you are having completely non-identical twins since you had them through C-section.' Nurses started coming out to look at them before I knew it," Stacy, a mother of three, shared with Bored Panda.

The unique appearance of the twins made it challenging to tell them apart. Stacy shared her husband's honest reaction to this unexpected development.

Because of his overwhelming happiness, their dad began calling David "Golden," and he's now affectionately known as Mr. Golden. His joy at finally meeting his sons knew no bounds. He stood there for over ten minutes, gazing at them, later explaining that he was simply admiring God's craftsmanship because they were so beautiful.

Albinism is extremely rare, with only one in every 20,000 babies being born with this condition like David's. Lack of melanin, the pigment responsible for skin, hair, and eye color, is the underlying cause of albinism, a congenital condition that leads to noticeable physical differences. It affects people of all ethnicities, though the extent to which pigmentation alters skin tone varies. This condition is exceedingly uncommon, with a prevalence ranging from 1 in 3,000 to 1 in 20,000. Albinos need to be extremely cautious due to potential skin and eye problems.

Due to his oculocutaneous albinism, David possesses strikingly beautiful golden hair and very fair skin. Stacy happily reports that David is in excellent health.

With over two million confirmed or suspected cases of albinism in Nigeria, the country has one of the highest prevalences of albinism worldwide. Unfortunately, the numbers reveal that this group continues to face significant bias due to the color of their skin. Discrimination and harassment from coworkers, family, and communities negatively impact the lives of over 600,000 albino Nigerians, leading to challenges in education and employment.

Stacy affirms that she has never heard anything negative about either of her boys and that they are equally cherished. "Whispers happen every time we go out. Because of how cute they are, people want to approach them and introduce themselves; others are just curious about how things are."

Due to the distinctive appearance of the twins, modeling agencies in the United Kingdom have reached out to their family with offers.

The family has created an Instagram account to document their happiness and shed light on important issues, and they are ready to embrace any opportunities that come their way. Stacy and I created an account for them because we believe they have something meaningful to share with the world.

Stacy reports that both children, now over a year old, can walk and exhibit distinct personalities.

David assumes a more reserved stance, while Daniel is the more vocal of the two. Curiosity is a trait they both share abundantly. They are both highly active. Daniel is a hearty eater, while David has more selective tastes. On the flip side, David finds moments of fun sporadically, while Daniel maintains a consistently upbeat demeanor.

These two distinct brothers are now three years old.


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