The Story Of True Love

The Story Of True Love

Once, a man married a woman of remarkable beauty and his affection for her was deep and genuine. As time went on, however, fate took an unexpected turn when she developed a skin ailment that gradually dimmed her appearance.

One day, circumstances led the husband to embark on a journey. Tragically, an accident during his return left him bereft of his eyesight. Despite this adversity, their marital bond persisted as strong as ever.

As the days unfolded, her beauty waned, yet the husband's blindness shielded him from this change, and their relationship continued undisturbed. He remained devoted to her, and she reciprocated with equal devotion.

Eventually, the woman passed away, leaving her husband devastated. He conducted her final rites and contemplated leaving the town behind. Just then, a voice from behind reached him, “How will you navigate the world alone now? Your wife, all this time, was your guiding light.”

To this, he replied, "I am not truly blind. My blindness was a ruse. I concealed my sight so that her disease wouldn't pain her more. I loved her for her tender care and affection, not merely her appearance. My act of feigning blindness was solely to bring her happiness."

Moral of the Story: Genuine love propels us to extraordinary lengths to ensure the happiness of our beloved. Sometimes, turning a blind eye to each other's imperfections can contribute to a harmonious and joyful partnership. The allure of physical beauty may diminish over time, but the essence of a person's heart and soul remains unchanged. True love values the inner character rather than the external facade.

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