The Best Marriage Advice From A Divorced Man

The Best Marriage Advice From A Divorced Man

Marriage is often seen as a beautiful union of two souls, an enduring bond that promises companionship and love. However, this commitment isn’t without its challenges and requires constant effort, nurturing, and understanding. At times, the most enlightening insights about maintaining this bond come from unexpected quarters – those who have witnessed its unraveling.

Men who have experienced divorce often carry invaluable lessons, learned through personal trials and tribulations. Their unique perspective offers a treasure trove of wisdom, providing guidance on how to navigate the complex journey of marriage. Let’s delve into these pearls of wisdom, offering a fresh view on sustaining a fulfilling marital relationship.

1. Never Stop Courting

Continual courtship in a relationship is key to keeping the spark alive. It involves consistently making an effort to win your partner’s affections, much like when you first started dating. This could involve planning special date nights, surprising them with thoughtful gifts, or expressing appreciation for their unique qualities.

These actions help to recreate the excitement and romance that characterized the early stages of your relationship. By never stopping the courtship, you prevent your relationship from falling into complacency or routine, ensuring it remains vibrant and fulfilling. It’s about showing your partner that they are valued and loved, every single day.

2. Protect Your Own Heart

Guarding your own heart is a crucial aspect of maintaining a healthy relationship. It involves recognizing and understanding your emotional needs and ensuring they are met within your relationship. This self-awareness can help you communicate your feelings more effectively, leading to deeper mutual understanding.

It also includes setting boundaries to protect your emotional wellbeing. These boundaries could be around time, space, or certain behaviors that you find distressing. By protecting your own heart, you not only safeguard your emotional health but also contribute to the overall health of your relationship, enabling it to thrive on mutual respect and understanding.

3. Fall in Love Over and Over Again

Falling in love with your partner over and over again is essential for a thriving relationship. Love isn’t a stagnant state but a dynamic process that evolves with time. It involves constantly discovering new facets of your partner’s personality, appreciating their growth, and finding fresh reasons to love them each day.

This could be a kind gesture they make, a new interest they develop, or simply the way they smile. This continual rediscovery prevents the relationship from becoming stale, infusing it with vitality and excitement. It’s like reading a favorite book where you find something new to love each time you reopen it.

4. Always See the Best in Her

Seeing the best in your partner is about acknowledging and appreciating their positive qualities, even when they are not apparent. It involves a conscious decision to focus on their strengths and virtues instead of dwelling on their shortcomings. Expressing gratitude for these qualities nurtures positivity and affection within the relationship.

Recalling the reasons why you fell in love with them can help guide your perception and keep the spark alive. By choosing to focus on their good side, you foster an environment of mutual respect and admiration, which can lead to a more harmonious, positive, and loving relationship.

5. Don’t Try to Change or Fix Your Partner

Every individual is a unique blend of traits, quirks, and imperfections. Trying to change or fix your partner can lead to resentment and tension in your relationship. Instead, embracing these differences is key. Love your partner for who they are, not who you envisage them to be.

This acceptance doesn’t mean ignoring issues but rather understanding that everyone has their own journey and pace of growth. It’s about respecting their individuality while nurturing the bond you share. This approach fosters a more accepting, respectful, and ultimately healthier relationship, where both partners feel valued and loved for their authentic selves.

6. Choose Love

Choosing love every day means consciously deciding to act with kindness, understanding, and patience towards your partner, even when circumstances are challenging. It’s about putting their needs into consideration and showing them respect and care, regardless of your personal feelings at the moment.

Love, in this context, is not merely a fleeting emotion, but a deliberate action. By consistently choosing love, you create a strong foundation of mutual respect and empathy, which can help you navigate through any difficulties and significantly strengthen your bond. It’s a daily reaffirmation that keeps your relationship resilient and flourishing.

7. Don’t Sweat the Money

Financial matters, if not handled carefully, can become a major stressor in a marriage. To prevent money from becoming a point of contention, it’s crucial to foster open communication about your financial aspirations and plans. Discussing individual and shared financial goals allows both partners to align their expectations and work collaboratively towards achieving them.

By tackling finances as a united front, you can effectively navigate potential disagreements and ensure that financial decisions support your shared vision for the future. This approach fosters financial harmony, reducing unnecessary strife and promoting a sense of teamwork in managing your joint resources.

8. Always Grow Together

Growing together as a couple is fundamental to a thriving relationship. This involves supporting each other’s personal and professional development and finding avenues to evolve in unison. It means cheering each other on in new pursuits, learning from one another, and embracing changes together.

This mutual growth allows both partners to expand their horizons, enriching themselves as individuals while also strengthening the bond they share. By continually growing together, you ensure that your relationship stays dynamic, adaptable, and deeply connected, allowing both partners to flourish individually and as a united front.

Final Thought

In conclusion, these pieces of advice from divorced men provide valuable insights into maintaining a strong, healthy marriage. They emphasize the importance of continuous effort, mutual respect, understanding, and love in nurturing the marital bond. Remember, every marriage has its ups and downs, but with these tips, you can navigate through them successfully and build a lasting bond.


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