Susan Sarandon is a loving mom of 3 kids who she welcomed after turning 39 – despite being called ‘crazy’

Susan Sarandon is a loving mom of 3 kids who she welcomed after turning 39 – despite being called ‘crazy’

The mere mention of Susan Sarandon evokes a warm and nostalgic feeling. This esteemed actress has captivated global audiences for over five decades with her exceptional talent and diverse roles, from portraying Louise in the groundbreaking film "Thelma and Louise" to embodying Sister Helen Prejean in "Dead Man Walking."

Yet, Sarandon's impact extends beyond her acting prowess. She is a steadfast advocate for individuals battling endometriosis, a condition she herself confronted for an extended period, which also affected her ability to conceive. Beyond her public persona, Sarandon's dedication to her role as a mother shines even brighter.

Sarandon's journey into motherhood commenced at the age of 39, a decision influenced in part by her health circumstances. Despite facing challenges, she later welcomed two more children into her life. Her choice to pursue motherhood later in life garnered attention, often making headlines for her unconventional path.

Born Susan Abigail Tomalin in 1946, Sarandon adopted the name Chris Sarandon after marrying her first husband. Despite being 75 years old, a substantial portion of her life has been devoted to her acting career, during which she also emerged as a prominent advocate for various noble causes.

“With Every Pregnancy, People Asked Me, ‘Are You Crazy?’” Susan Sarandon Shared What It’s Like to Become a Mother After 40

Sarandon's cinematic debut arrived in 1970 with the lead role in the full-length film "Joe." This marked the beginning of a prolific film career, including notable roles in soap operas and the iconic "Rocky Horror Picture Show," which catapulted her to fame in 1975.

Her personal journey, however, was marked by challenges. A relationship with Italian director Franco Amurri exposed the difficulties she would face in starting a family due to health complications, including endometriosis. Diagnosed later in her forties, this condition caused the inner tissue of her uterus to shed during each menstrual cycle, leading to pain and affecting surrounding organs.

Despite these obstacles, Sarandon defied skepticism and became pregnant at 39, giving birth to her first child, Eva Amurri. Eva subsequently pursued an acting career, carrying on her mother's legacy. Sarandon's relationship with actor Tim Robbins led to the births of two more children, John "Jack" Henry and Miles Robbins.

In interviews, Sarandon has candidly shared the physical challenges she overcame to conceive and carry her children to term. Her resolve was unwavering, determined not to let her health condition deter her from embracing motherhood. Her commitment to dispel stigma surrounding endometriosis has led her to advocate for open dialogue and early diagnosis.

“With Every Pregnancy, People Asked Me, ‘Are You Crazy?’” Susan Sarandon Shared What It’s Like to Become a Mother After 40

Sarandon's influence extends beyond her immediate family. Her eldest daughter, Eva, is now a mother herself, continuing the lineage of strong, empowered women. Through heartfelt social media posts, Sarandon and her daughter share glimpses of their beautiful family, highlighting their bond.

Amid the challenges and triumphs, Sarandon remains unapologetically herself. Her choices in fashion have occasionally sparked controversy, drawing criticism from figures like Piers Morgan. However, Sarandon's perspective on fashion remains rooted in personal preference, a reflection of her authentic self.

“With Every Pregnancy, People Asked Me, ‘Are You Crazy?’” Susan Sarandon Shared What It’s Like to Become a Mother After 40

As Sarandon approaches her seventies, she embraces her physique and age with a profound sense of appreciation. She champions body positivity and self-acceptance, advocating for a mindset that celebrates one's unique journey.

In her own words, Sarandon's understanding of time's value shapes her approach to life. She navigates her path with a discerning focus, choosing to surround herself with individuals who embody vitality, curiosity, bravery, and adventure. As a beloved actress, devoted mother, and advocate, Susan Sarandon's legacy continues to inspire and uplift.

In a 2019 interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Sarandon shared her perspective on fashion.
"While I may not be fully versed in every aspect of fashion, I am aware of what personally appeals to me and what captures my interest, which I choose to embrace. I don’t feel the need to constantly conform to popular trends," she expressed.

Ultimately, Sarandon appears to have found comfort in her physique, regardless of her age, and has developed a deeper sense of "appreciation" as she approaches her seventies. She champions body positivity and self-acceptance as integral components of overall well-being, advocating for a mindset that celebrates and respects oneself.

"When your sense of time has an ending and isn’t finite, as it feels when you're young – when you understand that time is precious – you tend not to waste energy on the small stuff and only surround yourself with people who are vital, curious, brave, and adventurous," she reflects.

If you agree that Sarandon is an incredible female force to be reckoned with, tell her tale to all the other strong women in your own life.


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