Story ‣ God Created Woman

Story ‣ God Created Woman

As the sun dipped below the horizon on the sixth day of creation, God's divine craftsmanship was in motion. Amidst the celestial canvas, an angel descended, curious about the meticulous attention being lavished upon the formative figure before them. "Why such fervor for her?" the angel inquired.

With a serene smile, the Almighty Creator responded, "Have you contemplated the intricacies that weave her existence? Every facet I sculpt requires precision."

"She is to navigate diverse realms," God continued, "a sanctuary for laughter and tears, a haven for children's embrace, a vessel of solace for the wounded. All this, accomplished with but two hands."

Astonished, the angel marveled, "With merely two hands, such feats seem implausible."

Drawing nearer, the angel gently touched the woman's visage, a note of wonderment in their voice. "Yet, she appears so tender, Lord."

"Tenderness is her grace," the Lord replied, "a veil that conceals the strength within. Beneath her gentle exterior lies a resilience to conquer the unimaginable."

"And her intellect?" the angel queried, tracing the contours of her mind.

"Her thoughts bloom into reasoning, her words echo with wisdom," the Creator affirmed. "Negotiation dances in her discourse."

The angel's fingertip brushed against her cheeks. "My Lord, it seems her form carries burdens."

The Creator corrected with compassion, "Not burdens, but tears – the essence of her emotions. Each tear holds her grief, doubts, love, loneliness, suffering, and pride."

Embracing this revelation, the angel exclaimed, "You are a masterful architect, Lord, crafting every nuance with purpose."

"Indeed," the Creator concurred, "she is a symphony of marvels. Her spirit radiates strength, her shoulders bear burdens with grace, and her heart harbors joy, love, and convictions. Amidst turmoil, she dons a smile, sings amidst sorrow, weeps in joy, and laughs through trepidation. She fights for convictions with unwavering fervor."

The angel, awestruck, pondered aloud, "Is she then a flawless creation?"

With a compassionate gaze, the Lord replied, "Not flawless, but she possesses a singular imperfection – she often forgets her worth."

And so, in the tapestry of existence, woman emerged as a testament to resilience, grace, and the boundless beauty of her spirit.


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