Signs You Are Chosen by God

Signs You Are Chosen by God

No one can follow Christ on their own effort. It takes God’s grace for Christians to continue walking in faith and pursue the Lord’s assignment for them. Yes, anyone who is already in Christ is chosen by God to be part of His mission.

However, as Jesus said, not everyone who calls Him Lord is truly chosen (Matthew 7:21). There are even some who involve themselves in ministries but later on leave the faith.

If you want to find out if God really chooses you to serve Him and be with Him in eternity, keep on reading this article

What Does it Mean to Be Chosen By God

A person who is chosen by God has sensed God’s call on his or her life and decided to respond by following God.

God’s call takes many forms.

For some people, it is an urgent sense of needing to turn away from sinful living and turn toward Jesus. For others, it is more subtle and includes a deep desire for a closer relationship with God or even curiosity about God.

According to John’s Gospel, anyone who receives Jesus as Lord and Savior and believes in his name is chosen by God and becomes God’s child:

“But to all who did receive him, who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God” (John 1:12, ESV).

Ultimately, being chosen by God means that God is asking you to respond to him by living in accordance with his two greatest commands:

Loving him and loving others (see Mark 12:30-31).

Let’s continue to explore what the Bible says about being chosen by God.

Signs You Are Chosen by God

Everyone who identifies Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior is chosen by God (John 15:16). If you have embraced Jesus’ death and resurrection, it follows that God has chosen you to be His beloved child. But how can you know whether this is true of you? To help us identify whether or not we have been chosen by God, there are certain signs that we might look for.

Becoming filled with the Holy Spirit

One may tell that they have been chosen by God when they are filled with the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:4-5 states that they all received the Holy Spirit and began speaking in different languages as the Spirit gave them voice. Jerusalem was home to pious Jews from every nation under the sky. The presence of the Holy Spirit indicates that a person has been chosen by God.

A life was altered

Another way to tell whether you have been selected by God is to look for changes in your life. A person’s life should begin to change after embracing Jesus Christ to reflect His teachings.

For example, someone who was initially angry could start to act more tenderly by being kind and sympathetic to others. If you see significant changes in yourself from when you first embraced Jesus, that is when you will know you have been chosen by God.

Being open to God’s Word

The Bible says that those who are God’s chosen will be open to receiving His Word (John 8:47). A person may exhibit submission and obedience when they hear, read, or study the Scriptures. They might also want to learn more about Jesus’ teachings and how they apply to contemporary life. If you find yourself being obedient and open to God’s Word, you will know you have been chosen by Him.

Praying for guidance and getting it

When someone accepts Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, they should expect their prayers to be heard. The Bible’s 1 John 5:14–15 teaches that if we ask for things that are in keeping with His desires, He will listen to us. If God frequently answers your prayers, then you have been chosen by Him.

When God Chooses You

God choosing us is a huge honor and gift. When God picks you, He gives you a special calling to work for Him and His people. You can be asked to lead a church, teach Sunday school, or help someone who needs it spiritually. Whatever God picks you for, whatever it may be, it will always be something important that requires your whole attention.

Gaius serves as an excellent example. Gaius, a devout Christian who is mentioned in several New Testament sources, is known for his hospitality to early church leaders. Although the Bible does not provide a detailed account of Gaius’ life, the apostolic letters that were addressed to or about him demonstrate the impact that his help and giving to the early church had.

God will provide you the skills and information you need to properly do your responsibility once He has chosen you to commit yourself to Him in whatever capacity. He also gives you wisdom and superhuman power, which you need to face numerous challenges. Many others in your area will undoubtedly remark how strange you are when this happens. Your steadfastness and faith may serve as a testament to others, inspiring them.

God’s choice of you is more evidence that He will always love you. He chose you for a purpose, even when no one else would, and He won’t abandon or forget about you. You may always turn to the Lord in difficult times because He will never forsake you in His unwavering love.

Manifest Indications God Has Chosen You

God frequently has a reason for picking certain people. If you think you are the one who has been chosen by God, there are seven obvious signs that show it.

First of all, you were calling to a higher purpose.

Many people who consider themselves to be God’s chosen ones feel compelled to work for something greater than themselves. Several things might account for this, depending on the individual’s unique spiritual talents and skills. Whatever the case, individuals who are chosen by God usually feel a call to some type of service or mission that will advance both their spiritual growth and the wellbeing of others around them.

2.The events of the Bible are reflected in your life.

When it comes to being chosen by God, some people have experienced events that resemble those in the Bible. It’s likely that these incidents were picked specifically to tell God’s tale in a manner consistent with the biblical pattern.

3.You Can Feel the Support of a System That Is Unknown

God regularly envelops and upholds people He has chosen, directing them with an invisible power. This could manifest in dreams and visions, or it could just be a feeling of protection during tough times.

4.Observation of the Spirit

The ability to identify whether something is incorrect or inconsistent with one’s spiritual path is another characteristic of being chosen by God. This ability may help individuals who have been chosen by God to avoid traps or recognize lies. The ability to distinguish between light and darkness is meant by this.

5.You Are Attracted To People Who Need Help

Being selected by God is the sensation of being pulled to those who require help or healing. God’s chosen often feel compelled to reach out and offer help, even if it’s not always easy.

6.Your Gifts Are Being Used Efficiently

It’s possible that God expressly picked you to use your special talents and skills for good in this life. They usually find that their abilities seem to have been designed specifically for them because they can execute things with ease while many others struggle.

7.You experience miracle after miracle.

And last, those who are God’s elect typically experience miracle after miracle. When prayers are answered or unexpected blessings come their way, these people usually feel a stronger sense of God’s hand at work than others.


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