Secret Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

Secret Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

8 Secret Signs He Still Loves You After Breakup

1. He wants to be friends with you

Those who want to build a friendship with an ex still love them and are afraid to lose them entirely so they choose to stay friends when the relationship ends.

When a guy doesn’t love his ex, he will prefer to cut off all contact with her and even try to date other girls immediately after the breakup.

If your ex-boyfriend wants to be friends with you, it’s a sign he still has feelings for you and wants to stay emotionally connected to you.

2. He keeps in touch with you

Does your ex maintain contact with you from time to time?

He may not reach out to you frequently because you’re no longer in a relationship but he’ll want to check up on you periodically.

For instance, your ex may call once a week to ask how you’re doing or send you a text message to wish you luck on a job interview.

After the breakup, if your ex-boyfriend keeps in touch, that’s a sure sign he’s still in love with you and cares about your well-being.

3. He interacts with you on social media

Most people choose to delete their ex’s contact and unfollow or block them on social media when theey break up,

This is because they don’t want anything to do with them and would rather focus on their own lives.

The reverse is the case when an ex-boyfriend still likes you. He’ll follow you on all your social media profiles so he doesn’t miss anything going on in your life.

He’ll also interact with you online instead of just stalking you like a creep.

An ex who’s in love with you will like your photos, share your posts, and even comment on the ones he finds interesting.

If your ex-boyfriend is interacting with you on social media regularly, that’s a sign he still has feelings for you.

4. He calls or texts you on your birthday

Most people forget their ex’s birthday or choose to ignore it after a breakup.

They may refrain from interacting with their former partners because they simply don’t care or want to avoid sending the wrong message.

Plus, they don’t want their current partner to read meaning into anything so it’s safer to ignore an ex’s birthday.

If your ex-boyfriend calls or texts you on your birthday after a breakup, that’s a sign they’re still in love with you.

5. He’s often happy to see you

If you want to know if an ex still loves you, observe their body language and facial expressions when you meet.

How does your ex react whenever he sees you?

If he looks delighted to see you, maintains eye contact, and is admiring your appearance, that’s a sign he still loves you.

However, if your ex-boyfriend doesn’t smile or show any interest in you when you accidentally cross paths, that’s a sure sign he’s no longer attracted to you and has moved on.

6. He inquires about your love life

Most people who are still interested in their ex often ask about their love life to see if they stand a chance.

Pay attention to the questions your ex asks you when you meet each other, because that will determine whether he still has feelings for you or not.

If he wants to know whether you’re dating anyone at the moment, it means he still likes you and is trying to figure out if you’re single.

However, if he talks about non-personal stuff like the weather, politics, or a social event, it means he’s just trying to be friendly and doesn’t have feelings for you.

7. He says nice things about you to your friends

Exes who feel hurt by the breakup may say awful things about you to your friends and family.

If your ex-boyfriend says nice things about you when people ask about his past relationship, it’s a big sign that he still likes you.

For instance, he may say you were such an amazing cook, a great listener, or a supportive partner because that’s the aspect of your personality that captured his heart and he misses having you in his life.

If your ex is singing praises about you to mutual friends, it means you still occupy a special place in his heart.

8. He offers a helping hand when you’re in need

Another way to tell if an ex still loves you is how they react when you’re going through hard times.

Someone who cares about you will be concerned about your well-being and will always want to make you feel better.

For instance, if your ex-boyfriend is still in love with you, he’ll reach out to you and offer his assistance when he hears that you’re sick or have some challenges in life.

An ex who has moved on will mind his business and leave you to deal with your issues alone because you’re no longer together.

If your former boyfriend goes out of his way to help you when you’re in distress, that’s a big sign he still cares about you.


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