Refrigerator manufacturers hide it from us! Everyone should put salt in refrigerator shelf. Here’s Why

Refrigerator manufacturers hide it from us! Everyone should put salt in refrigerator shelf. Here’s Why

You will be surprised at what happens. That’s why EVERYONE should put Salt in their Fridge.

Don’t put the salt directly on the food! It might affect the taste of what you have in your refrigerator.

What you should do is to place the salt in a small bowl before placing it there.

All you need to do is to Place a small bowl with salt on the refrigerator shelf why? This helps to prolong the freshness of food stored there and doing This will also get rid of odours in your refrigerator.


1. To remove the odour from your hands after cutting onions, chicken or fish, just wash your hands with salt and water, then you will have no more smell.

2. To avoid the feeling of the hotness of pepper on your hands after cutting/slicing it with your hands, rub them with salt and vegetable oil or red oil and wash them.

3. When pepper mistakenly enter your eye, put a pinch of salt in your mouth, the hotness of the pepper will disappear and you will see the magic.

4. When storing empty containers or bottle, throw in a pinch of salt to help them from getting stinky.

5. Sprinkling some salt on your fresh peppers while pounding it, helps to make it pound quickly.

6. Soaking bitter leaves in salt and hot water, helps to remove extra bitterness before cooking with it.

7. If your liquid milk always spoil before you finish it, You can add pinch of salt when you first open it, it will help the milk to stay fresh longer.

8. Salt and detergent mixture can help you to kill ants and cockroaches disturbing you in the kitchen.

9. Placing your overripe tomatoes in a cold and salty water overnight, will help to make them fresh and firm.

10. If you cut lemon and you do not want to use it finish, sprinkle salt on it, it would stay fresh for 3 days. Make sure you rinse it before using it again.

11. Salt can be used as a preservative method for preserving meat, fish or vegetables. It helps to prevent bacteria growth.

12. Grease fires or small fire can be put out with the use of salt.

13. To store your fermented locust beans (ogiri, iru or dawadawa), mix it with salt and put it in a container. Your fermented locust beans will stay fresh for years without getting spoil.

14. When boiling eggs, add a pinch of salt to keep the shells from cracking and peeling the eggs will also be easy.

15. If you don’t want your spaghetti to gum together while cooking, add a drop of vegetable oil into a salty boiling water and it will come out separately.

16. Soaking your rice with hot water and salt before cooking it, will help to remove excess starch.

17. You can use salt to parboil your rice in order to remove the starch from the rice quickly.

18. Adding salt on your cocoyam when it starts boiling helps to make it soften quickly.

19. Salt is used to sanitize your kitchen sponges. It is used to kill the bacteria, germs in them. Soak the sponge in a hot salty water.

20. Salt improves the texture of the meat as it helps to break down the tough proteins, thus tenderizing the meat.

21. When chopping/cutting vegetables, sprinkle little salt onto the chopping/cutting board, it will keep the vegetables from moving or flying around while cutting/chopping.


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