Reasons why your partner is always online but won’t text you

Reasons why your partner is always online but won’t text you

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While some reasons for his silence could be completely unintentional, others could imply that his silence is deliberate. Even when he is online, here are several possible reasons why he doesn’t respond to your messages. Sorry, but some of them are probably not for you.

1. He’s not that interested in you.

If he is online but not responding to your messages, it could very well be that he is not as interested in you as you are interested in him. He doesn’t really want to have a long, awkward conversation about it, so by ignoring you and going on with his day, he thinks you’ll take the hint.

2. He is talking to other women right now and you are not a priority.

If you have only just started “talking” or even casually dating, it stands to reason that you are not the only one in his life right now. He may very well be talking to one or more of the other women he is seeing simultaneously.

3. He is busy and has no time to talk.

If he is in a work meeting, taking care of a parent or child, taking a class, etc., then he is not going to text you every five seconds. Try to calm down a bit and give him some time to get back to you.

4. He is a game player and wants an ego boost.

He may be online but not respond to your messages on purpose. He thinks that the longer he ignores you, the more desperate you will become and you will continue to pursue him. Nothing makes a guy (or girl!) Feel better than feeling wanted, but it doesn’t even give him the pleasure of an ego stroke. He’s simply not worth it.

5. He’s just chilling and not really in the mood for socializing.

Even if the guy you’re seeing is really into you, he may just need some time to mindlessly scroll through memes and not bother responding to anyone (including you) for a few hours. Different people have different abilities for the amount of digital communication they can handle in a day, and he may be at his limit by the time you message him.

6. He really missed your messages.

When a guy doesn’t respond, we all try to justify it by saying “maybe his phone is damaged,” but technology isn’t perfect. Apps don’t send notifications, messages are buried under other messages, and poor service can prevent messages from arriving or being sent. If this seems to be a one-time occurrence rather than a pattern, wait a while and see if it catches up with you. You may find that all you need to do now is update your application.


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