Real Reasons Women Don’t Like Female Friends Of Their Husbands

Real Reasons Women Don’t Like Female Friends Of Their Husbands

1. Compromising family time

Some women do know that after spending so much time together their husbands and female office colleagues are bound to develop a certain level of friendship. Therefore, they do not mind their husbands talking to these female colleagues. Yet, if it becomes a regular thing and rather a priority then wives would definitely not like it because it means their husbands are giving their special family time to their female friends.

2. If the marriage has double standards

If her husband is a typical male chauvinist who does not like her having male friends then she will surely not trust a husband with a female friend. No independent wife would allow her husband to have a female friend if she is not allowed to openly have a good friendship with her male colleagues.

3. Trust issues

If trust issues exist in a marriage, then the wife will definitely not allow her husband to even look at another female. And this need not be necessary because the wife is suspicious by nature but more because the man has a history of cheating or multiple affairs before marriage.

4. If that female friend is single and attractive

Most probably wives would let their husbands have healthy friendships with females without minding if these girls are happily married or have steady boyfriends. However, if these female friends are attractive and single then there is a strong possibility of an affair there. In that case, the wives are right not to allow their husbands to remain friends with such girls.

5. When husbands meet female friends behind their wives

It’s normal if her husband meets his female friend at home or when she is not alone with him. But if he starts meeting his female friend alone outside the office for lunch and other outings then maybe no wife will allow him to be in touch with such a female friend.


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