Real Reasons Why More And More Married Women Cheat On Their Spouse

Real Reasons Why More And More Married Women Cheat On Their Spouse

Even happily married women have αffαιяѕ and they don’t intend to leave their husbands. There are many other reasons why married women have αffαιяѕ:

1. Bedroom boredom

Sometimes s3x in a marriage can become extremely monotonous and boring. Women may no longer feel passionate about it and they begin to seek αffαιяѕ to feel romantic, intimate and passionate again

2. Lack of love

Some marriages are not an act of love, but an act of convenience. Thus, when there is no real love or when two partners are unable to establish a connection that goes deep and strikes a chord within, looking for love outside of marriage is not surprising.

3. Low self-esteem

When a woman struggles with low self-esteem, it can stimulate them to seek outside sources for the attention and validation that they and their partner are unable to create and sustain.

4. Emotional reasons

Some men may get so busy and occupied in their work or life that they start ignoring the emotional needs of their wives. They give less and less time to their wives and this makes these wife to seek extra marital αffαιяѕ.

5. Feeling unappreciated in a marriage

Some times with age, men get so engrossed in their own lives that they begin feeling neglected. This under appreciation causes a lot of stress in women. Thus they start seeking happiness out of marriage. And end up having αffαιяѕ

6. Intimacy is lost

With time, the marriage may not feel as intimate as a women wishes for. Also the romance begins to fade, which makes a women vulnerable and she begins to seek physical relations to satisfy those urge

7. Having a child

Husband and wife may not even get a few minutes of privacy soon after birth of a child. This may cause more and more desires in each of them. Some women, in order to fulfill their desires seek αffαιяѕ outside marriage and to cope up with the biggest change in their life with a child

8. Stress and depression

Stress and depression sometimes causes a women to have an extra marital αffαιя. The αffαιя might be a happy place for her, to break free her pain and sufferings. She may feel bored in her life and this αffαιя may be her only way out to seek happiness

9. A way to seek an easy exit

Sometimes women feel that the relationship is no more worthy of them. So they begin cheating on their husbands for getting an easy way out rather than having to explain their husbands how and why the relationship is not working.


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