Never Say These Things When You Fight With Your Partner

Never Say These Things When You Fight With Your Partner

Never Say These Things When You Fight With Your Partner

Fights are common in relationships. It is said that where there is love, there is fight. At times amid arguments couples exchange heated words which fills bitterness in the mind of the partner.

Because of the fight, the partner keeps those things in mind, later they puke it. Let us know about the things which the partner never forgets, so that you avoid such things.

1. Break Up

At minor fights, it is never a good deal to end up with saying break up. There can be adjustment issues or trust problems in the beginning. The fight may be on any useless matter, or any situation consistent use of Break up leads to putting pressure and stress on your partner.

2. Divorce

Marriages are always believed to be made in heaven, so thinking of divorces can be leading to the ending of relationships. It is never healthy for couples to fight over any kind of issue, that may not need to end up in the topic of divorce.

3. No use talking to you

When in conversation or confronting partners, it is always essential to solve the matter by talking to each other. Pathetically it hurts your partner when without informing about the reason for the fight or solution one moves away using these words. “No use talking to you”, is a sign of Dominance in a person.

5. It was a mistake being in a relationship

Using these lines indicates that you are not happy being with your partner. Even when uttered for the sake of winning a fight it may be never helpful for a long-term relationship. This is one of the worst lines that hurt your partner stating that the relationship is already a failure.

6. Could find a better than you

Often fighting raises to such that statements such as I could find better than you are never tolerable. Your partner has always been a special person but using one of these lines can hurt them. It can extend the fights and create a complicated situation for the couples.

5. Facts from pasts

Repeating the facts or mistakes from the past, and mentioning any ex is never going to help in overcoming the fights. Development of stress in relationships starts with the talks from the pasts at the wrong moments or fights.


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