Meet Goldie Hawn’s lovely granddaughter – fans can’t believe the likeness

Meet Goldie Hawn’s lovely granddaughter – fans can’t believe the likeness

Goldie Hawn is a Hollywood superstar that you can't help but tune into; not only is she ageless and has a super strong and cute relationship with partner Kurt Russell, but she is also probably the most fun person in Hollywood.

As a mother of three and stepmother of one, she has six grandchildren, and her social media shows how much she adores her children and grandchildren.

It's difficult to believe that this blonde bombshell, who we all remember from classics like "Overboard," "Private Benjamin," and "The First Wives Club," as well as the most recent Netflix Christmas hit "The Christmas Chronicles," where she plays Mrs. Claus to partner Kurt Russell's Mr. Claus, is 74 years old and a grandmother.

Goldie and Kurt have three grandchildren - sons Wilder Brooks and Bodhi Hawn, and daughter Rio - thanks to Goldie's son Oliver and wife Errin.

This legendary actress, dancer, and producer has been making the world laugh for decades, but her main love is undoubtedly her family.

Goldie recently shared a cute photo of Rio, one of her seven-year-old grandchildren.

Rio and her "GoGo," the name Goldie's grandchildren have given her, are uncannily similar, and fans can't get enough of this adorable photo.

Goldie was having lunch with Rio when she snapped the picture. "Christmas lunch in Aspen with a chip off the old block!" she captioned it. "Happy upside-down lunch to everyone everywhere."

Almost 70,000 people replied to the photo, with thousands noting how much Rio looks like Goldie.

Just a few weeks previously, she uploaded a photo of herself and Rio at a MindUp event honoring musician Barry Manilow. "Couldn't have picked a better date than my granddaughter," she added.

This Hollywood legend clearly has nothing but love for her family. "I look at our kids and grandchildren, and there's nothing in the world that could make me as proud as I am of all them," she remarked, as per Australian Women's Weekly.

"Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it," Goldie adds. "It gives me a lot of joy. Family is really essential."

“Being a grandmother is amazing, I love it,” Goldie adds. “It gives me a lot of joy.” Family is really essential.”


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