Man builds new home for homeless woman forced to sleep in dirt for a decade – thank you for your kindness

Man builds new home for homeless woman forced to sleep in dirt for a decade – thank you for your kindness

Only a few individuals invest the time to acquaint themselves with a homeless person and delve into their background before inquiring about their circumstances of being alone on the streets. Nonetheless, a true hero emerged in Los Angeles who not only got to know the homeless woman sleeping outside his residence but also took compassionate action to assist her.

Irene "Smokie" McGee found herself living on the streets of south Los Angeles after losing her home a decade ago and her husband. For ten years, the 60-year-old endured nights spent on the ground, gathering recyclables daily to sell for sustenance. She often took refuge outside an apartment complex, where a resident, Elvis Summers, not only formed a connection with her but also learned her story.

Summers, deeply moved by McGee's plight, recognized her as a human being—a mother and grandmother—enduring life on the streets, an injustice he couldn't ignore. A bond formed between Elvis and Irene, leading him to take a remarkable step: he decided to construct a house for her. Unable to bear the sight of her sleeping on the streets each night, Summers utilized $500 worth of purchased wood, received donated siding and roofing from a nearby business, and employed his own construction skills to build her a safe and comfortable dwelling.

With perseverance and dedication, Summers completed the tiny house in just five days. Irene finally found herself sheltered under a roof—a place she could call home after all this time. Irene expressed her relief, stating, "It felt so good, I was so relaxed, I think I must have slept half the day" about her first night spent in her new 3.5 ft by 8 ft home.

Elvis is such a hero! Please share to inspire others to help those worse off than ourselves.


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