Let Go Of Him, Because He Doesn’t Deserve You

Let Go Of Him, Because He Doesn’t Deserve You

Stop thinking about him. Stop torturing yourself. Let go of him.

What you two had is gone. And regardless of how many hours you spend hoping that things will change and destiny will bring you back together, nothing will change the fact that your story is over.

You need to learn when it’s time to hold on to someone and when it’s time to let go of someone. Because holding on to someone who doesn’t deserve you and reciprocate your love prevents you from thinking clearly and logically. It prevents you from seeing things as they really are. It makes you think that settling for one-sided relationships is normal. It makes you think you don’t deserve anything better.

That’s the reason why you need to let go of him. He is not your greatest love. He is not your soulmate. He is not your forever person. He never was.

Stop thinking about what you two had. Stop thinking about the things you did together. Stop hoping that he still feels something for you.

And instead of fantasizing about him and idolizing him, try to remind yourself of the reason why your relationship fell apart.

Perhaps he didn’t treat you the way you deserved and wanted to. Perhaps he couldn’t love you the way you wanted him to love you. Perhaps he betrayed your trust. Perhaps he lied to you. Perhaps he cheated on you. Or perhaps you just grew apart. It no longer matters.

All I know is that when someone truly loves you, they would never leave you feeling this disappointed. They’d never make you question your worth. They’d never make you wonder whether they deserve your attention, respect, trust, or love. They’d never break your heart. They’d never give up on you.

So, instead of hoping that fate will bring you back together, accept the truth – the truth that he is no longer interested in you. The truth that he is no longer in love with you. The truth that he’s already moved on with his life.

And you should do the same too. Because you deserve to find someone who will be able to love you just the way you deserve. Someone who will treat you with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Someone who will deserve your trust. Someone who will fight for your happiness. Someone whom you’ll mean the world to.

You deserve to find someone who won’t walk away at the first sign of trouble. Someone who won’t be afraid to argue with you when you disagree about something. Someone who’ll only be afraid of losing you.

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