Inserting a rose stem into an aloe vera leaf: it’s the nursery’s secret method

Inserting a rose stem into an aloe vera leaf: it’s the nursery’s secret method

This is the nursery secret: insert a rose stem into the aloe vera. This is what you need and how you should do it, in no time you will have tons of roses.

The rose is a plant that belongs to the Rosaceae family. It includes up to 250 different species and is usually an upright shrub, although it can also become smaller branches. Today we are going to see the secret of the nurserymen who introduce the stem of the rose inside the aloe vera for a very specific reason.

Maintaining the rose plant is not always easy, but they are a wonderful addition to the garden  . If you wish, you can plant it using this method and by no means buying a new rose plant. In fact, it is enough to already have a plant and reproduce another or get a cutting from someone who has a rose plant.

Therefore, the first thing to do is reproduce a cutting. But before seeing how to do it, it is necessary to identify the appropriate period because this is a fundamental step for the success of the operation. The correct month to do this is August  , but you can obviously do it around July or September as well. Now let’s see how to do it.

A stem of roses and an aloe vera leaf

Reproducing a rose plant means taking a cutting from the plant and planting it in fertile soil  . But now we are going to see the secret method of nurserymen who speed up this process by first introducing the rose cut into the aloe vera leaf, here we explain how to do it, all the steps.

First you need to get a cutting and choose the right branch to get it from  . It is important to choose a healthy and vigorous branch that is at least 5mm in diameter. Make sure that it has no defects, that it is completely green and that it has knots from which the leaves sprout. It must be a young branch grown in the last year.

Once you have identified the branch, you can cut about 20 centimeters and thus obtain the rose cutting. The cut should be perpendicular to the branch and 1 cm below the leaf node. Now it is time to go to use the aloe vera leaf, you will need one of about 4 or 5 centimeters.

Before going to  insert the stem of the rose into the wet part of the aloe vera,  make sure that it is dense enough to contain the cutting. Now all you have to do is  plant the rose in a pot with a little soil  . All you have to do is fill the pot with expanded clay on the bottom and soil.

Then you will have to make a hole in which you will insert the stem of the rose inserted inside the aloe vera leaf. Cover with soil and water. You have to do it at least twice a day the first times with a little water. The soil should not be too dry or too wet.

With a little patience, the stem will turn into a beautiful rose bush. If the pot becomes too small, get a larger one or plant the plant in your garden. Remember that it is a plant that is not suitable to be placed in shady places.


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