If Your Partner Do These Things To You, You Are Not Your Partner’s Special One Any More

If Your Partner Do These Things To You, You Are Not Your Partner’s Special One Any More

Not all relationships are happy forever. They may start out great or spontaneous, but eventually they stagnate or even turn sour.

Here are some signs that you are no longer special to your partner.

1.He or she tries to avoid you

There may be a casualness in their behavior, and they avoid showing their love for you.

2.He or she is no longer paying attention to you

They are not focused on you, and no matter what you do, your partner no longer finds you important. They focus on something or someone else to show how insignificant they find you.

3.You always end up being the culprit

They will always blame you, no matter how big or small the problem is. This means they no longer respect you and think you can't do anything right, and they don't want you in their lives.

4.There seems to be a shortage of conversations

You have nothing to talk about, and even when you try to talk with them, they refuse to engage. This is a telltale sign that there is no love left for you.

5.They are never around but always have an excuse

At the beginning of your relationship, they were always there for you, but now they have no time for you. They will find a million other excuses if you confront them about this behavior. But the real reason for this behavior is that you are no longer their priority.

6.They stop supporting you

They no longer support your ideas and decisions. They have lost patience for you, and their annoyance can be triggered by anything and everything.

7.You start to blame yourself

You will wonder what you did to invite such behavior from them, and later, you question your choice to be in a relationship with them.

8.You are not in their plans

You are no longer part of their lives, and they never consider what you would like to do in the future. If this is the case, they probably don’t want you in their life anymore.

9.They don't even bother to explain their behavior to you

If they don’t feel like giving you important explanations, like where they are going or what they are doing, it shows they don’t think you deserve to know these things. You are no longer a part of their lives, and they feel you don't need to know things about them.

10.They are always hurting you

You should take over and leave when the bad memories start to overtake the good ones.

11.They say you are intruding on their personal space.

They always want to be left alone. If your partner wants to spend more time alone than with you, it's a sign they are no longer interested in you.

12.There is mutual distrust.

If they have stopped trusting every word you say, they have also stopped loving you. When your partner doubts your intentions, it's a sign that they are no longer interested in you.

Source: https://timelesslife.info

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