If your man does these things, it means he really loves you and will never stop loving you

If your man does these things, it means he really loves you and will never stop loving you
1. He Supports You No Matter What

A man in love with you will support your dreams and goals, whether it is huge or small. As long as that does not harm you, he will never think of stopping you. Even if he disagrees with something, he would still stand by your side. That’s simply because he knows that it means a lot to you. He will go through thick and thin with you and will even give you the advice to help you out in difficult situations. A supportive man who helps you grow and evolve is the one who truly loves you.

2. He Shows Love & Affectionate

He will never be afraid to show his love and affection for you. It doesn’t mean grand gestures, but it can be little things that he does to show you how much you mean to him. You can count on him for a hug when you feel sad, or a hand to hold when you need someone. He will never hold back on anything, his love would be pure and he won’t let time fade the romance.

3. He Respects & Trusts You

When he loves you, he will respect you and your individuality. While he will be a bit possessive no doubt, he will give you your freedom. If he has an issue, he will talk about it instead of just stopping you from doing something. He will actually respect and trust your decisions. He won’t become abusive just because you both had a fight, be it emotional, mental or physical. A man who really loves you, will never ever be abu$ive towards you or try to harm you in any way.

4. He Accepts Both Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Your ideal partner would know everything about you. That’s a man who won’t use your weakness against you even if you both have a huge fight. He might say some things in anger rarely, but he won’t make it a habit as he is fully aware that it will hurt you.

5. He Makes You A Part Of Decision Making

He values your opinion too. Before taking any huge step such as buying a new car or taking a new job, he would ask you or make you a part of the decision-making process. He would consider your thoughts and then only take the decision.

6. He Solves Any Disagreement

A man who loves you won’t try to avoid a disagreement, he would try to sit down and solve it with you, no matter how difficult or messy it becomes. This is because he understands that if an issue is avoided today it can become an obstacle in the future. If he apologizes he would mean it and try to fix his mistake. He is willing to work through anything for the relationship.

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