If You Notice Any Of The 6 Following Signs, It Means Your Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Help You

If You Notice Any Of The 6 Following Signs, It Means Your Deceased Loved One Is Trying To Help You
1. They use aromatic signals.

The deceased are known for using smells to get the attention of their loved ones to let them know they are nearby. If you smell something that you can’t find the source, and it’s a smell associated with your loved one, that’s likely a sign from them.

2. They visit you in your dreams.

This is another way deceased loved ones come to us. They visit us and have conversations with us, and in many cases, the circumstances of the interaction will have other signs tied in.

3. You have a strong gut feeling that doesn’t feel like your own.

After a loved one leaves this world, they will connect with you on an energetic level. You may have gut feelings that come seemingly out of nowhere and feel like they are coming from someone else. When this happens, this is your loved one trying to tell you something important, so pay attention.

4. You see butterflies at just the right time.

Butterflies are believed to be messengers of the deceased. And they are known to show up as a reminder that your loved one is near. If they land on you, they are trying to tell you about something to come and if they show up often, they are simply visiting you.

5. Electrical interference.

If you notice when you feel a presence that lights glitch out, or that radios receive interference, your loved one is trying to contact you. Spirits are composed of energy, and often use electronics to provide them with enough energy to contact us.

6. Animals act strangely.

When dogs or cats act strangely, it is a sign. Animals can see spirits, so when they are around us, it’s likely our animals may act as though they are barking at something, but you won’t be able to see anything. In some cases, they may sit still like they are paralyzed and will not move until the spirit is gone.

Source: https://timelesslife.info

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