If a guy distances himself after intimacy, here’s what it means

If a guy distances himself after intimacy, here’s what it means

It’s common when some guys try to distance themselves from girls after intimacy.

Not every guy has intentions of a long-term relationship and they sometimes just pretend to be in love with the girl.

This action is considered very bad and it’s important for guys to stop the act. You don’t know when you get to meet that someone who’s supposed to love you unconditionally.

I think the reason why most guys distance themselves after intimacy is simply because they don’t want to attach any emotions.

It’s necessary for girls to be watchful and careful with most guys they share intimate moments with. A guy can get under your skin just so he can use and dump you at the end of ec$tasy.

Some would just call it a one-night stand and after that, they find another route faraway from you. By then you must have started getting fond of them.

Signs a guy will eventually distance himself from you after intimacy.
1. He never introduces you to his friends.

A guy who just wants to get you won’t want you to meet any of his close relatives, friends, or something that will still bring the two of you together.

2. He’s always in a hurry to discharge you.

Another clear sign that he’s just in to get you laid is that when you two are having a moment, his mind is never with you.

He tries to always talk hastily with you so that you two can go your separate ways.

3. He doesn’t care about anything that concerns you.

Whether he sees you with another guy in an improper position, he never shows any sign of jealousy. You need to understand that a guy who truly loves you wouldn’t want to share you with some other guy.

If he does not act jealous or territorial when he sees you with different guys, it’s a sign he will distance himself after having intimacy with you.

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