Husband and wife sleep separately for 7 years, their reason will surprise you

Husband and wife sleep separately for 7 years, their reason will surprise you

This woman and her husband have had a peculiar living arrangement for the past eight years, sleeping in separate bedrooms for seven of them!

This decision appears weird at first, but their rationale for sleeping apart will certainly surprise you!

The author told the Bright Side that one morning, she noticed her spouse sleeping blissfully on the couch, which led to an honest talk over breakfast.

Her husband remarked that her tossing and turning and loud breathing made it impossible for him to go asleep. When the couple discussed their sleeping habits further, they learned that sharing a bed was causing a variety of problems, including snoring, interrupted sleep, and general grumpiness.

Their work schedules exacerbated the dilemma, with the woman’s flexible hours in conflict with her husband’s desire for a decent night’s sleep before his 9 a.m. start time.

So, when the couple realized the impact sleeping together had on their health and marriage, they opted to sleep in separate bedrooms. The woman did acknowledge, however, that she was initially hesitant about the notion.

She eventually came to appreciate it, especially because her husband thrived in this new arrangement; he was sleeping better, had more energy in the morning, and felt much happier overall.

The woman explained that she had discovered a book by Paul C. Rosenblatt called “Two in a Bed,” which explores the social dynamics of couple bed sharing. The book says that sharing the same bed can lead to psychological problems and even contribute to insomnia or other disorders.

Rosenblatt’s research incorporates talks with married couples, which demonstrate that the bedroom frequently becomes a source of conflict, leading to disagreements over seemingly minor issues.

The author stated that her experience is consistent with Rosenblatt’s book, since her decision to sleep separately considerably reduced arguments and boosted overall peacefulness. However, she stated that others online have noted that sleeping separately is the beginning of the end of a relationship.

Contrary to popular belief, many celebrities, including George and Amal Clooney, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Michael Douglas, prefer to sleep separately, according to New Idea. This decision is often based on practical factors, such as snoring or the desire not to appear undesirable to a spouse!

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