How To Make a Man Miss You And Appreciate You More

How To Make a Man Miss You And Appreciate You More

1. Drop little memoirs of your presence around him.

Finding a solitary earring or a cute note from you would immediately remind him of you. And thinking of you will definitely lead to the next step- thinking of the time you’ve spent together.

3. You don’t always have to be ready for him to reach out to you.

Let him hang there for a moment. Sometimes let the call go to voicemail. Don’t immediately get back to him. The time that he spends waiting for you to reply, is the time when he can think of nothing else but you.

4. Don’t get into it all fast and furious.

Let things take their own course, slowly. When you discover each other bit by bit, the eagerness remains intact and allows you enjoy the process more. If he’s rushing into things, help him slow down.

5. Find yourself a scent that is subtle enough for him to not notice clearly when you are around, but powerful enough so that he’ll miss it when you’re gone.

Scent and memory are very closely related and when he missed your scent, he will also long to be with you again..

6. In the beginning of the relationship, let there be some sort of mystery left.

If you play all your cards on the very first day, there will be no intrigue left for him to make him want to see you again. If you want him to be eager enough to spend some time with you, let him get only a little hint of everything that there is in store for him.

7. Men want to be the center of your universe. If they hear that you are out having a jolly good time of your own, with your friends he will definitely be a little unsettled. And then he’d want to do something that will trump that fun experience you just had with your friends. Let him get a little competitive on this point. Both of you will enjoy it no doubt.

8. A very slight pinch of jealousy now and then doesn’t hurt either. If you have just started dating then hint that there might be other interesting men in your life. If you have been married for years then show some interest in things outside your home.

9. Spend time on your makeup and dress. When you go out with him make sure that he is getting nothing but the best, so that he’ll be craving even more the minute you say goodnight.

10. Let him earn his time with you. It doesn’t mean that you have to play very hard to get just as much so that he knows that you are not always going to be waiting around for him to make the plans.


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