How to grow Tangerines in a Pot – Step by step

How to grow Tangerines in a Pot – Step by step

Living in a frost-prone or cold region might seem incompatible with growing a mandarin tree, as these trees are typically associated with Mediterranean or tropical climates. Nevertheless, you can cultivate them in less ideal conditions through the strategic use of pots. These pots offer the flexibility to move your tree indoors, protecting it from harsh weather.

Known for their wealth of health benefits, mandarins are rich in anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to the treatment of ulcers, digestive issues, and intestinal problems. Their natural antioxidants make them particularly beneficial for lung health.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to grow mandarins:

Embark on a journey of growing your own mandarin orange tree from seeds with these straightforward steps. Follow this guide to cultivate a thriving mandarin orange tree right in your own space.

1. Seed Selection and Preparation:

Begin by obtaining mandarin orange seeds. You can purchase them or use seeds from a mandarin orange you've enjoyed. If opting for the latter, ensure you rinse the seeds thoroughly and gently pat them dry.

2. Choose the Right Soil:

Opt for a premium potting soil mix enriched with compost, peat moss, or perlite to provide optimal nutrients for growth.

3. Prepare the Pot:

Select a pot that guarantees proper drainage and fill it with the chosen soil mix.

4. Pre-Planting Soil Preparation:

Prior to planting, water the soil generously and allow it to bask in the sun until it reaches a slightly moist consistency.

5. Planting the Seeds:

Sow 2 – 3 seeds at the center of the pot and cover them with half an inch of soil.

6. Encourage Germination:

Accelerate seed germination by covering the pot with a clear plastic bag.

Caring for your mandarin tree:

7. Find the Perfect Spot:

Locate a warm area to position your pot, ensuring it receives adequate sunlight.

8. Maintain Moisture:

Regularly water the soil, ensuring proper moisture levels without oversaturating.

9. Unveiling Seedlings:

As seedlings emerge, remove the plastic bag to facilitate their growth.

10. Embrace Sunshine:

Transition the pot to a sunny spot with a temperature of at least 70°F.

11. Transplantation:

Once the seedlings sprout leaves, transfer them to a larger pot with a diameter of 4 – 6 inches.

Caring for Your Mandarin Tree:

1. Consistent Watering:

Sustain your mandarin tree's growth by consistently maintaining moist soil.

2. Nutrient Boost:

Monthly fertilization with a liquid, acid-based fertilizer ensures your plant receives essential nourishment.

3. Accommodate Growth:

As your mandarin tree flourishes, consider relocating it to an even more spacious pot.

4. Embrace the Outdoors:

In warm climates, contemplate moving your tree outdoors during spring.

5. Stimulate Vertical Growth:

Support your growing tree by placing stakes or a wooden box at its base, guiding vertical growth and curbing excessive sideways expansion.

Experience the satisfaction of nurturing your own mandarin orange tree. With diligence and care, you'll soon relish the vibrant beauty and delectable fruits of your gardening efforts. Happy cultivating!


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