How to detect a man who doesn’t love you anymore

How to detect a man who doesn’t love you anymore
1. He will not give you attention any more

Attention in a relationship shows that the link is still alive and healthy. If your man is no longer giving you attention as he uses to do before, it’s a sign that he doesn’t need you anymore.

2. He won’t return your calls

For a successful and lasting relationship, communication is one of the vital factors. So if he doesn’t like conversation very well with you, like calling you or chatting you up, not even returning your calls after he must have seen the miss calls, ….it only shows that your man doesn’t need you anymore.

3. Lack of appreciation

Your man supposed to show you appreciation, cherish you and always be happy to have you as his woman. So if he has been appreciating you before but recently stopped doing that, it shows that something is wrong.

4. He won’t spend time with you anymore

If you notice that he cannot spend a little of his time with you, he always skips anything that will bring you both together, and it still seems as if he is avoiding you. This particular sign shows that he doesn’t love you anymore.

5. No s3xual intimacy again

Your man doesn’t seem to want you again, no kissing, not petting, not even to make l0ve with you on the bed. He will not associate with anything that will bring both of you too close. This is one the sign that shows that he is seeing another woman. If you no longer interest him s3xually, it tells that he is no longer in love with you.

6. Less value

He no longer takes you like anything. He will efficiently act without considering how much it will affect you. All that matters to him is just himself. If you notice such character from your partner, it only shows that he is no more interested in you again.

7. Always picking up a fight

When your man easily picks up a fight with you while you are not doing anything wrong. He nagged at you always, argue with you and even shouting at you even when you are not doing anything to offend him. Such an attitude yells that he is tired of you and needs a break. If he is still in love with you, there’s no way he will be shouting and picking up a fight with you without any crime.

8. Too much of excuses

If he starts giving you a lot of excuses, especially when you needed his attention, it will be a real red flag. He either tells you that he is busy or he travelled, others can even cook up some stories to keep you away from him. Such an attitude shows that he is no longer in love with you.


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