How To Become The Type of Woman that a Man Will Be Afraid To Lose

How To Become The Type of Woman that a Man Will Be Afraid To Lose

Women are believed to have always been the ones afraid to lose their men. Therefore, some men think they are doing a woman a favor by dating or marrying her. There’s a truth that society hasn’t been exactly fair to women. Women are considered incomplete without a man to call their own, no matter how successful they might be in their careers. People are always interested in who a woman is dating and not dating.

But ladies, you can completely swap positions and become the ones that a man is afraid to lose. Here are 9 ways to do

1. Prioritize yourself.

Whole lot of women put their guy first and foremost in their lives. This is not bad but making yourself a priority is very important as well. Continue to focus on yourself at least for now on looking your best, feeling your best, and prioritizing your needs even as you attend to the needs of your partner. You are just setting yourself up to be taken for granted and walked all over if you worship the person instead of worshipping yourself or make it 50 over 50. He or she be afraid of losing you if you are at your best because he knows how magnetic you are and that other guys will be drawn to you if you leave him, so they have to improve their game to match your standards.

2. Take good care of your body

Don’t be a dirty woman, take care of your hygiene and your health as well. You must also know how to take care of the house, cleaning the house and also be a good cook.

3. Know Your Worth

Let him know that he’s incomplete without you and not the other way round. You need to have confidence in yourself, know that you matter a lot in that relationship. You have to first believe in yourself before anybody else can believe in you. You just be ale to count on yourself before someone else can count on you. When you know your worth, that is when you will realize that any man that has you, is a very lucky man. A man will treat you the same you treat yourself, so know your worth and don’t decide to settle for less.

4. Be Open And Honest To Yourself And Others.

Any good friendship necessitates honesty which lead to trust. Be honest about your sentiments if you want to develop healthy communication with your spouse. Honesty entails more than just not lying even as we know that lies has no future. It’s standing up for yourself when something isn’t right and you confidently stand up to disassociate yourself from it. It’s telling him when and why you are insecure. It’s telling him everything about yourself and your relationship with him. Try these strategies if you are having trouble with your confidence and sharing your opinions and feelings with your partner. Being honest with your spouse can help them understand who you are and what you value.

5. Be Yourself

This is another way of making a man to be afraid of losing you. Be real, be true to yourself. Be yourself, don’t try to be what you’re not simply because you want to satisfy a man, it’s not worth it. He will love your for who you are if he is really yours. I am not saying you should not work on where you’re lacking, but then you don’t have to pretend to be someone else.

6. Be considerate

Don’t be a selfish woman. The relationship should not only be about you, always put your man’s feelings in consideration before taking any step or before demanding for anything.

7. Get a life

Don’t over rely on a man, or on your relationship. We are all human and can make mistakes at any time. So get a life, have something you can fall back on if anything happens on the long run. Do something for yourself and by yourself.

8. Add value, bring something to the table

No rational man wants a woman who is constantly demanding and rarely contributes to the welfare of the Marriage or relationship. While a man may be with you wholeheartedly because he loves you, that is not always enough to fold your hands and become a liability to him. Men are attracted to women who offer something to the relationship or Marriage, women who contribute value to their lives in so many ways, such as providing helpful counsel especially when he’s emotionally drained, making job ideas with h or for him, or having a wonderful sense of humor that makes him happy anytime he’s with you.

9. Flirt in front of him

If you want to make your man worry about losing you, do some sneaky things in order to show him that you also have other options.

When a good-looking guy walks by you, look him deep in his eyes and check him out but make sure that your partner sees that.

It will make him feel jealous and he will think that another man is a threat to him.

It gets even better if a random man approaches you and offers to buy you a drink, as that will make your guy want to explode but that is a lesson he has to learn for treating you like you didn’t deserve.

It will be enough to do this only once to him because he won’t think that he owns you anymore.

He will realize that another man would treat you better and that he should go the extra mile if he wants to keep you in his life.

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