‘Hideous’ baby has grown into a stunning young lady.

‘Hideous’ baby has grown into a stunning young lady.

Marianna Bowering, a devoted mother and skilled makeup artist hailing from Adelaide, Australia, has garnered widespread admiration and support across the internet for her admirable efforts to raise awareness about port-wine stain birthmarks. In a deeply touching display of solidarity and affection for her daughter, Angelica, this talented mother utilized her makeup expertise to recreate her child's birthmarks on her own face, aiming to accentuate the beauty and uniqueness they represent.

On May 6, 2018, Angelica entered the world with a heart-shaped port-wine stain birthmark extending from her forehead to her chin. While initially taken aback, both her mother, Marianna, and father, Corey Bowering, wholeheartedly embraced their daughter's birthmark as an integral part of her identity, celebrating her distinct appearance with unwavering love.

Regrettably, not all encountered Angelica's uniqueness with the same understanding. The family faced hurtful comments and bullying from unidentified individuals. Marianna recounted instances where online pictures of her daughter led to hurtful references, with some commenters cruelly labeling Angelica's face as "hideous." There were even suggestions that her birthmark might hinder her future prospects of finding a partner due to what they wrongly perceived as a "flaw."

A port-wine stain birthmark is characterized by its pink, purple, or reddish hue, resembling spilled wine. Over time, these birthmarks often deepen in color, leading some to describe Angelica's appearance as resembling a "grilled" or singed surface. While there's no known cure for this condition, laser treatments can help minimize its visibility. It's important to note that port-wine stains don't naturally fade, though for many children, especially when located on other body parts, it doesn't pose significant difficulties.

Children with port-wine stains face an increased risk of conditions such as glaucoma or the neurological disorder Sturge-Weber syndrome as they grow. In response, the Bowering family has been diligent in scheduling regular check-ups for Angelica, ensuring her overall well-being and addressing any potential health concerns.

Marianna described the distressing comments and criticisms aimed at her daughter's features. She shared with Mirror, "The most hurtful comment she received online was from someone who asked if her daughter's face had been pressed onto a hot skillet, essentially implying her face appeared grilled or burnt." She further recounted a hurtful in-person incident where a spectator at a soccer game referred to Angelica as a "defect," inflicting deep emotional pain.

However, Marianna steadfastly refuses to let negativity shape her daughter's sense of self. Determined to stand against bullies, she chose to raise awareness about port-wine stains. Marianna drew a heart on her own face as a symbol of unity, meticulously replicating Angelica's birthmark using makeup. She shared these images on her Instagram and various social platforms, receiving an outpouring of support and encouragement.

A commenter on Marianna's post expressed, "Your daughter is incredibly beautiful! The bond between the two of you is heartwarming. I admire how you wholeheartedly embrace her, nurturing pride and confidence in her."

The radiant joy in Angelica's eyes upon seeing her mother's face adorned in solidarity conveyed a powerful message. It reaffirmed that she is already perfect as she is and that her individuality is a precious attribute to be cherished.

Marianna revealed that Angelica takes pleasure in experimenting with makeup and genuinely admires her own face with its distinctive birthmark. This fills Marianna with assurance, knowing that Angelica will grow into a self-assured and remarkable individual, fully grasping the true essence of beauty.

The port-wine stain birthmark will stand as a testament to Angelica's resilience and individuality, becoming a symbol of strength. Angelica will continue inspiring others, encouraging them to embrace their unique traits and celebrate the inherent beauty that resides within each of us.

Do you believe that Angelica’s facial birthmark diminishes her beauty? What are your thoughts on her mother’s empowering approach to bolstering her confidence? Can you think of anyone who might resonate with this story? Share this piece with them and spread the message!

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