Here’s What Happens When You Put Vinegar In Your Toilet

Here’s What Happens When You Put Vinegar In Your Toilet

Do you have a ring around your toilet right now? Be honest. If you do, something in your home may get rid of that annoying and ugly ring very quickly! You don’t need expensive toilet cleaners. All you need is plain white vinegar that you probably already have in your pantry. It is non-toxic, natural, and cheap.

So, what happens when you pour vinegar into your toilet? Vinegar can clean your toilet easily, whether you use it to clean daily, weekly, or need to clean up weeks or months of grime. Make sure you use white distilled vinegar. Apple cider vinegar would work to clean, but the brown color could stain your toilet.

How To Clean Your Toilet With Vinegar


Fill a clean spray bottle with white vinegar. You can dump vinegar in the toilet right from the bottle, but you’ll save money if you use a spray bottle. You can also spray more on certain areas that need extra scrubbing. Depending on how gross your toilet is, you can leave the vinegar in there to soak for a long time.

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If your toilet is pretty clean, you can just leave the vinegar on for about 10 minutes. If there is a pretty bad ring, you can leave it on to soak overnight. The next time you go on vacation, leaving the vinegar in your toilet can help get rid of some pretty bad stains. Next, use a toilet brush and scrub away the vinegar and watch your toilet come out sparkling clean.

Vinegar Can Kills Germs Too


If you’re worried about germs, vinegar is great for killing germs, bacteria, and mold. If someone was sick though, you may want to use bleach to kill germs effectively. Have you ever thought to use vinegar to clean your toilet? You may use vinegar to clean a lot of other things in your home like showerheads, dishwashers, stains, and much more.

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You can even put vinegar in your toilet tank to let the vinegar continuously clean your toilet. Who knew there were so many uses for vinegar and your toilet? Make sure to keep vinegar in your pantry at all times for its many cooking and cleaning uses.



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