Give Your Husband These Things And He Will Always Love You, Feel Attracted To You

Give Your Husband These Things And He Will Always Love You, Feel Attracted To You

1. Give him comfort

Home is your husband’s unwinding domain. When you consistently crib about one thing or the other, he becomes unnerved.

When you list out things you are deprived of, your husband feels that he is not good enough for you. So, he is tensed and stressed when he is at home. He is at his tether end, not knowing how your mood is going to be.

But if you make the time of your husband at home comfortable and relaxed, he enjoys being with you.

2. Give him emotional support

As a man, your husband will never open out about his problems. It is you who have to feel his pulse. When you sense the problems of your husband and give him emotional support, he adores you for it.

3. Give him his space

Your husband sometimes likes to have his own personal space, which might not include you, or your children.

This is how, your husband as a man is made like. Your husband likes to watch TV/play video games/browse the internet, without any intrusion from his family. When you give your husband his personal space, he loves you for it.

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4. Not being nagging

Nagging is something your husband cannot withstand. You are doing it wrong.

If you feel you can change your husband for the better if you nag him, you are mistaken. Your nagging words never reaches your husband’s ears, as he mentally shuts out your nagging words.

The best way to get the attention of your husband, is to speak to him when he is in the mood to listen. And when you talk to your husband, do not be accusing. Be reasonable enough so that he wants to listen to you.

5. Share his interests

If you want to get the attention of your husband, you must be interested in his passion.

You feel happy when your husband shares your household chores, don’t you?

Likewise, your husband loves you, when you are interested in his hobbies and passion.

6. Respect his family

We all love our family and your husband is no exception. The only difference being that he does not openly confess about it.

When you consistently back bite about his family, your husband feels very stressed. When you isolate yourself from your husband’s family, he inwardly fumes with suppressed anger.

But when you respect his family, your husband is pleased and happy.

7. Look presentable at home

Your husband dislikes you looking shabby and fatigued in his presence.

You cite your work load as the reason behind your disheveled appearance, but your husband cannot come in terms with it.

You can easily get the attention of your husband by being well-groomed and neat, always. He relishes looking at you as you provide him a visual treat.

8. Do not get too emotional

When you become emotional, your husband is at his wits end not knowing how to deal with your emotions. When you perpetually look sad and morose, your husband becomes keyed up.

When you cry, your husband feels terribly upset that he is not making you happy. But when you look happy and content, your husband is convinced that he is the reason behind it.

And naturally, he is pleased that he has made you happy.


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