Girls Do You Know What Is The Purpose Of Small Pocket In Your Underwear

Girls Do You Know What Is The Purpose Of Small Pocket In Your Underwear

A lot of the items we use in our daily lives have various purposes and unique features. However, many people are confused about the purpose of these specific parts. For example, do you know what the small pockets on female underwear are for? Here are six items we use every day and the purpose of their specific parts:

The Pockets on Your Underwear

The pockets on female underwear are included for better comfort. This layer is made of soft cotton and is not sewn down to make you feel more comfortable.

The Diamond-Shaped Holes on Backpacks

These holes were originally used in outdoor gear for hiking and allow for easier tying of the backpack.

Pom-Poms on Caps

This feature on caps first appeared in the 19th century among French sailors. At that time, the cabins on ships had low ceilings, and the pom-poms were included as a safety measure. Later on, pom-poms were sewn onto caps as a unique detail. Nowadays, pom-poms are used solely as a fashionable element.

Creases on Pants

Creases on pants first appeared in the late 19th century in Europe. After being made, the pants were folded and sent on long journeys to countries around the world. Despite traveling many miles, the pants always had the creases. Eventually, people appreciated them, and now they are a part of every pair of pants.

Lines on Toothpaste

Many people believe that the lines on toothpaste represent the quality of the product, but they are actually barcodes. According to manufacturers, standardized barcodes are used by the machines that produce the packaging and cut the tubes.

The Opening on Candy Sticks

The openings on candy sticks are there to make it easier to attach the sweet to the stick. During manufacturing, the opening is made in the stick, and the candy is placed on it afterwards.


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