Funny Joke ‣ You’re Welcome

Funny Joke ‣ You’re Welcome

A young couple tied the knot, and it turned out that the wife wasn't skilled in cooking. However, they were still very much in the honeymoon phase. On their first night at home, the husband returned from work, and the wife confessed, "I'm sorry, I burned dinner." The husband reassured her, saying, "That's alright, honey, let's just make love."

The following night, after his workday, he walked in, and she admitted, "I messed up dinner, sweetheart." He responded with a wink, "No worries, honey, let's just head to bed, shall we?"

On the third evening, upon his return, he finds her perched on the radiator. Puzzled, he inquires, "What are you doing?" With a playful grin, she responds, "Warming up supper."

My proper and ever-so-Southern 91-year-old Mom is quick to say, "You're welcome."

Source: Adapted humorous anecdote


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