Every Time Your Man Is Stressed And Becoming Distant From You, Don’t Nag. Instead Do These Things

Every Time Your Man Is Stressed And Becoming Distant From You, Don’t Nag. Instead Do These Things

Relationships go through their ups and downs, but it can be really frustrating when you are trying everything in your power to make things work, but your man just seems distant.

It’s difficult not to take these things personally – after all, you want to make your partner feel better!

However, these situations usually have nothing to do with you at all!

The good news?

There are some things you can do both for yourself and for the relationship in case your man is stressed and distant.

1. Show Empathy

Tell him that you know he’s going through a tough time. He should know he can count on you and you wouldn’t disappoint him.

Show concern about his situation and allow him to communicate with you without judging him. Most men want a woman that would support them without judging or nagging.

He might not show it, but he’s appreciative that you are there for him when he’s having challenges,

And you have expressed your desire to stay with him through it. Every man wants a ride-or-die kind of woman.

2. Listen

Sometimes all a man wants is a woman who would listen to him as he recounts his challenges, even if you don’t contribute.

Make him comfortable to talk about his challenges. He might think you won’t understand what he’s going through, but if you show him you do, he will be more open and share his issues.

Tell him to pour out all his fears, self-doubt and negative thinking,

Listen to him without interrupting, and when he’s done, encourage him that he will overcome them all.

3. Give Space

Some men want space when they are stressed

Knowing you are there for him despite giving him space would make him realize he has someone to fall back on when things go south.

Give him space to be himself and figure out things, but support him whenever you can.

4. Try Something Fun Together

You can think of exciting things that you can do together.

It could be playing an online game together or playing chess at home.

It could also be taking an evening stroll or sitting in the garden.

The goal is to distract him from whatever is stressing him.

Take him to a place that would make him happy when a man is happy; he will open up and tell you his challenges.

5. Show Physical Affection

Do things like hugging him or holding his hands while walking with him.

It would make him relax, and he would know someone is there for him irrespective of his current challenges.

Cuddle while watching a movie or order a surprise gift for him that he didn’t expect.

Do everything to show you love him physically.

Be willing to support him financially if he needs it but be careful not to allow him to take advantage of you.

6. Cook His Favorite Meal

If you haven’t prepared his favorite meal in a while, you can prepare it now that he’s stressed and distant.

You can visit and surprise him with his favorite meal.

Tell him some romantic things that would inspire him, and then serve the meal.

He might think you are doing much but remind him that you love him and want to be a pillar of support.

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