Chimpanzee sees sky for first time after 28 years in captivity

Chimpanzee sees sky for first time after 28 years in captivity

A chimpanzee named Vanilla looked in awe, when she beheld the expanse of a wide, azure sky for the very first time, a stark contrast to the confines of her previous captivity.

Save The Chimps, an organization dedicated to animal welfare, shared a heartwarming video capturing this pivotal moment in the life of Vanilla, a 28-year-old chimpanzee. The touching footage, released on Tuesday via Facebook, showcases Vanilla's introduction to her new outdoor island abode within the sanctuary located in Florida.

The video commences with the female chimp, who spent her formative years within the confines of a biomedical research laboratory in New York, cautiously peering outside from the threshold. In the ensuing sequence, Vanilla enthusiastically leaps and bounds, embracing a fellow chimpanzee, identified as the alpha male named Dwight by Save the Chimps. Her gaze then ascends to the heavens with eyes wide open, a clear reflection of her awe at the expansive sky above.

The video portrays a heartwarming scene of Vanilla seeking solace in Dwight's embrace, marking her inaugural experience of the outdoors without the constraints of the 10-foot high fence that previously enclosed her from all angles, encompassing both the vertical and horizontal dimensions. According to the organization, Vanilla's sheer euphoria at the newfound liberty is unmistakable.

This new freedom is a long cry from where Vanilla started.

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