Baby mocked for having white hair – but wait until you see how he looks years later

Baby mocked for having white hair – but wait until you see how he looks years later

When baby Redd was born in 2012, his parents Patricia and Dale Williams were filled with joy. Yet, they soon noticed something unique about their bundle of joy. Redd's hair was as white as snow, and his appearance was undeniably charming. However, around the age of two months, they observed that his eyes frequently moved from side to side.

Concerned, they turned to the internet to research these symptoms and suspected that Redd might have albinism.

Taking swift action, they scheduled appointments with optometrists and genetic specialists to secure an official diagnosis. Their suspicions were confirmed; Redd was diagnosed with Oculocutaneous Albinism Type One (OCA1), a rare condition that affects just 1 in 17,000 people worldwide.

Upon Redd's birth, hospital staff marveled at his unique appearance, with everyone eager to catch a glimpse of the baby with the snow-white hair. Patricia initially thought that his hair might darken over time, but the albinism diagnosis clarified that his distinctive features, including white hair and blue eyes that occasionally gleamed red in specific lighting, were permanent.

Then, in 2018, Patricia and Dale welcomed son Rockwell who was born with the same condition as his older brother.

Then, in 2018, Patricia and Dale welcomed their second son, Rockwell, who was also born with the same condition as his older brother.

Unfortunately, both Redd and Rockwell faced challenges during their kindergarten and school years as their peers subjected them to ridicule due to their appearances. Their older brother Gage, who doesn't have albinism, became a protective figure for them, yet the bullying persisted.

Patricia took it upon herself to instill self-acceptance and self-love in her children, but a distressing incident occurred. A photo of Rockwell shared on social media was turned into a hurtful meme. Although the parents requested its removal, the meme had already spread across the internet.

Faced with this adversity, the family chose to rise above it and become advocates for raising awareness about albinism. Patricia's viral social media post of Rockwell garnered a significant following, leading to numerous inquiries about her sons. This experience highlighted the widespread lack of knowledge about albinism, often influenced by inaccurate portrayals in obscure films.

As for Redd, he underwent eye surgery to correct his strabismus and transitioned from a private school for visually impaired children to a public school. The surgery proved beneficial, and the family chose this option over eye patches to reduce the likelihood of drawing further attention and diminishing bullying.

On April 28, 2023, Patricia shared a heartwarming clip of Rockwell participating in his school's "Western Day." This time, the response on social media was filled with love and appreciation, a stark contrast to the hurtful comments of the past.

Both Redd and Rockwell are now thriving.

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