Australia Is Testing Out Glow The-dark Highway Markings Make Night Time Driving Safer

Australia Is Testing Out Glow The-dark Highway Markings Make Night Time Driving Safer

An Australian company 'Tarmac Linemarking' is pioneering safer night driving with glow-in-the-dark road markings. 🛣🚦

These glow-in-the-dark highway markings on a one-kilometer stretch of an Australian highway is meant to make night driving safer.

OmniGrip and Vic Roads tested the technology on a one-kilometer highway stretch, generating interest from businesses and councils for adoption in various areas to enhance safety.

When it becomes dark, the coating emits the light it has absorbed throughout the day, allowing vehicles and pedestrians to see better in the dark. Following the successful trial run, Tarmac Linemarking revealed that businesses and council want their paths lighted with this technology

The invention was inspired by children’s stickers and they could represent the future of night time driving.

The markings can be also used for other applications, including dark carparks and boat ramps, and not just for roads.

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