At 77, She Fulfills Her Dream And Shows Extreme Self-Love By Marrying Herself.

At 77, She Fulfills Her Dream And Shows Extreme Self-Love By Marrying Herself.

A lady who felt her previous marriage was ‘doomed’ from the beginning has finally had the wedding of her dreams after marrying herself

. The 77-year-old Dorothy ‘Dottie’ Fideli married herself in an unconventional ceremony after choosing to pledge herself to… well, herself.

Courtesy Donna Pennington

Talking about self-love, Dorothy stated that she was ‘nervous’ but ‘eager’ for the wedding at her retirement home, O’Bannon Terrace.

Dottie first married in 1965 in a quick courthouse ceremony, but she and her fiancé divorced nine years later. In retrospect, she believes it was never meant to work out.

She wore a black dress, so she was doomed before she even got started, she said.

Dottie has spent the years afterward primarily alone, constantly anxious that she was ‘too late’ to experience the wedding of her dreams

Courtesy Donna Pennington

That is, until one day she learned that the love of her life had been with her the whole time. It had to be her!

According to Dottie, she got the notion to marry herself when her neighbors recommended it to her after seeing something similar happen on a talk show.

The mother of three said now she has a second chance to do something that will make her happy. She has been with herself for 40 years.

Though she is committing to herself, Dottie is particularly thankful to her daughter Donna, who assisted in organizing the big day.

Not only did Donna assist her mother in finding the right clothing for her mother’s big day, but she also decorated the retirement home’s common room, where the event was to take place, and prepared meals for all of Dottie’s guests.

Courtesy Donna Pennington

As per Dottie, she told her daughter that this is the best thing that she has ever had, outside of having kids. This is something she has always desired, and she is overjoyed that her daughter gave it to her.

Dressed up in her veil and gown, Dottie said that she never dreamed she’d look this gorgeous. It’s an emotional rollercoaster for her because that is what she has always desired.

Dottie, who had spent most of her life caring for her kids and grandkids, was overjoyed to get a day to herself.

She shared that she is looking forward to her life being all about her now. Now it’s her turn to do whatever she desires.


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